Obligatory About Page

Let’s get this out of the way right now: I hate these things. About Me pages. At least, I hate writing them. I love reading them (storytellers of any sort have voyeuristic tendencies, yes?) however, and since I doubt I’m all that unique of a person, here I am, providing you with some reading material.

Chances are good that if you’re here and you are neither family nor friends, and you didn’t stumble upon this by mistake, you found this blog because you’ve read some of my work somewhere and you want to find more (or you’ve also got voyeuristic tendencies, in which case I certainly won’t judge).

To date, I’ve had a number of short stories published over at the (sadly now defunct) Mosaic Minds ezine, as well as in Eternal Haunted Summer ezine. I’ve also published a short story collection Treasures From the Deep which is inspired by and dedicated to Poseidon. Uh. So, you may be able to suss out that I’m pagan. Guess we’ll toss that out there now.

My most recently published collection is The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales, a collection of stories inspired by and written around Eugene, Oregon and the surrounding environs. I moved here in 2008 and absolutely fell in love with the place. The Fairy Queen is my thanks to this place that has welcomed me and made me feel at home. The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte and Other Tales is out now in both trade paperback and PDF and Kindle!! YAY!!!

You can find my story Lament of the Last Goddess in The Shining Cities: an Anthology of Pagan Science Fiction(as well as some other amazing writing) available at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

You can find my story A Windswept Tree in Beyond The Pillars: an Anthology of Pagan Fantasy, available at Amazon in paperback and for Kindle.

Contact me at: jolenedawe@gmail.com!

16 thoughts on “Obligatory About Page

  1. firefly124

    Are we allowed to be friends *and* have voyeuristic tendencies? *ducks*

    Seriously, though, very much looking forward to Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte et al. *bounces*

  2. eritta

    I love Eugene, OR. Ok, Oregon as a whole. My dad and I got terribly lost on Spencer’s Butte once, and to this day we aren’t entirely sure how we got so lost.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Our first hike up the butte, my partner and I found what we thought was the trail up from Willamette Street, only to discover that after a certain point it went nearly vertical. We climbed it anyway . . . two steps, ten minute rest. Three more steps, ten minute rest with snacks. In a few places we were literally on our hands and knees and slipping down. When we reached the top we were a mess, muddy and sore and cursing up a storm . . . and found people strolling up in heels with babies up the correct path. The next day we could not walk, goodness the pain. It was pretty awesome, though, and we were quite pleased with our over-weight, en-Fibromylagia-ed (well, one of us) selves. Who cares about walking the next day?

  3. H.E. ELLIS

    Every Monday I do a feature post that showcase someone’s blog or book or whatever, and I have the Monday before Thanksgiving open if you want to grab that spot. I thought it might be a good idea to showcase your partner’s site as well as your own goings on for your blog. The link below is how it started. For more info just follow the words SPaM up the post column and let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.


  4. Lyra Rose

    Know what’s weird? I’ve been following your blog for awhile now and am just now reading your “about me” section! Heh, I did that with Beth too–though I totally admit to having voyueristic tendencies! (It’s why I love blogs so much~ <3)

    The dog in the photo with you is ADORABLE–what's his/her name? I'm sure I've seen you or Beth mention it before, but I'm currently drawing a blank. 😛

    1. Jolene Post author

      I have the honor of presenting you to Master Corbie J. Corbington, Esquire, Hero Dog Extraordinaire, somewhat-faithful to his pillow-girlfriend, wielder of the Puppy Eyes, sometimes affectionately called Replacement (he apprenticed for his roll under his predecessor), attached to my hip (well, ankle) and owner of my heart. He is a good good dog, a foundling that *&^$# people tossed out to brave the mean streets of Philadelphia.

      I love my cats. I adore my cats and have amazing cat-fu abilities. But, oh, the dogs . . .

      I had to take some photos for a little interview I did (link coming when it gets posted) and the interviewer wanted pics of me with the book. And they were meh, but I didn’t like them, and the Beth said, “You know what’s wrong? There’s no dog! You don’t look like you without a dog in the photo! Quick, Hero Dog!” and he saved the day. 🙂


  5. Lyra Rose

    Haha Hero Dog–I like that!! I am a total cat person, but I used to have a Shih Tzu named Alex. I do miss him and want another dog someday. I don’t think Melodi would hear of it though. She’s the one attached to my hip. Seriously. She follows me into the bathroom and everything. It’s nuts I tell you! XD I will never understand how people can toss these guys out. I got Melodi from a humane society and she’s just the sweetest thing of ever. I don’t know why someone would’ve wanted to get rid of her! (I recently wrote an entire post about her on my LJ. I’d post a link but I’m typing this on my cell–which is also why there’s no paragraphs :P)

    1. Jolene Post author

      I vaguely remember what it’s like to have one attached to my hip. My boyos are: Corbie, Neech, and Zerk (short for Berserker). Zerk is the father of two of our other kitties, and up until our move last year we had his sister/lover (it’s very Vanic) Valkyrie, so, they were a set, you see. Zerk is extremely sensitive, somewhat neurotic, and utterly adores me. Roll over so I can rub his belly when most cats would be afraid of being tromped on as I stumble over him adores me. Climbs up me to perch on my shoulder to nuzzle me adores me. Which is sweet . . . and painful. He’s not exactly a *small* cat. Neech is different; Neech is somewhat independent, but I hand raised him from young and he sort of thinks I’m his momma cat? He has moods when he’s uber snuggly, but mostly he wants to be in the room with me and hang out, and mess with the dog. Corbie is the walks-so-close-to-me-that-I-kick-him-in-the-chin-with-every-other-step sort of dog. In fact, the J. stands for Jolene-Jolene’s dog (you have to say it fast; it emphasizes his sleeping to ECSTATIC OMG WE’RE MOVING!!!!!!! excitability). When we first got him (totally my fault, but it was March and freezing raining out and he was outside all day the crossing guard said and the EYEBROWS and the EARS ohmygod), and especially after Angel died, he seemed so much more of a dog than Angel ever did, and it was a hard adjustment. Except, not really, because, well, lookit him!

      You can backtrack in my LJ to read all about the Year of the Kittens and how we acquired them, but, except for Grim and Princess, and at the time Sassy, all the cats we had were rescues. Corbie was a rescue. Pulled right of the street rescue. Philly was hard. Philly totally burned me out on animal rescue, which makes me glad to live here. It’s still needed, there’s still neglect and suffering, but it’s worlds different.

      I don’t know why they’d kick Corbie out. He’s such a good dog. Reluctant to bite — he’s only gotten me once, and I had him hopped up on sugar (ice cream cone we were “sharing” but it was vanilla and I don’t like vanilla and he does, and so, well, the eyebrows!). Even with the screaming slip disk pain he didn’t even nip the vet. He has small dog accidents, but nothing major, and he lovesloves kids. I don’t get it. But I’m glad? Because, mine!

      Melodi sounds amazing. She’s certainly beautiful.

      1. Lyra Rose

        Your aminuls sounds awesome! And yea, Corbie’s eyes and ears are just…TOO ADORABLE!!

        Melodi usually walks underfoot as well, and has caused me to kick her (just from nearness) on more than one occasion. Of course she always gets treats as a small apology. But something tells me she’d rather have part of my dinner. She’s a total beggar–sits on the floor, by my side, and watches me eat. More often then not, if I try to ignore her she’ll climb on my lap and try to steal my bite right out of my hand. Would you believe one of her favorite foods is PEAS? The cat LOVES vegetables!! She also loves ham and sausage and…it’d actually be WAY shorter to list what she DOESN’T like: olives and mushrooms. Those are seriously the only two things I’ve known her to not eat.

        Her favorite food has got to, by far, be hot dogs though. I remember one time several years ago when I was bringing groceries in, I had set several bags down at the bottom of the stairs (the kitchen being upstairs) and went back to my car to go get more bags before trudging upstairs. When I came back Melodi had her head stuck down in a bag, her teeth clamped on the hot dog package! Too bad she never gets them anymore–I’m a vegetarian, and she doesn’t much care for veggie dogs XD

        You mentioned that Zerk is short for Berserker: is that in reference to his personality, or the Berserkers? Mel has the middle name of Amber, but I usually tend to make it Ramber–a combination of Rambunctious and Amber, because she is definitely rambunctious!

        My other cat is Bubby, and he’s so laid backa nd quiet you don’t even knwo he’s there! Though he’s a total scaredy cat too–the slightest noise will make him jump, and he’s scared of ANYTHING new. I rearranged my bedroom a few weeks back and the first time he walked in there he was SO CAUTIOUS and had to sniff everything again, even though there was nothing new. What’s funny is he’s also “patrol cat”–he HAS to know everything that’s going on. He walks around the house checking to see what everyone else is doing before he taking a nap or settling on a place to curl up.

      2. Jolene Post author

        I believe it about the peas and Melodi; I knew a cat once who preferred veggies over meat. Though dogs are strictly speaking omnivores, Corbie takes it a bit further. If you give him an option of roast beef or lettuce, lettuce will win. I have seen him take lettuce off a roast beef sandwich. Leafy greens are his favorite. And then there was the day he got into the cupboard, opened the box of granola bars, and ate on of each variety, leaving some for us, too. He’s my hippy, lettuce-eating, crunchy granola doggie. He was in heaven during his Convalescence period: on meds that made him munchy and he had Vet Approved snacks of carrots and string beans (oh my god the string beans!) and blueberries. Medicinal veggies, you know.

        Odin has a pretty prominent place in our household, and our household was just starting when Val and Zerk happened along. They wound up being pretty appropriate names, but we wouldn’t know that until later. We had a whole Scandinavian theme going on for a while, with their names, until Neech ruined it all. (He started out as Snitch, as in the Golden Snitch, because he was a FAST flipping kitten). Zerk and Val were in honor of Odin’s valkyries and beserkers.

        Buddy reminds me a little of our Grim, but really all three of our boyos are jumpy timid kitties. Neech, heh. Neech looks the meanest. I want to say its his size, but even at 6mos old he had a MEAN looking face. When I hat to pick him up at the vets after the, um, vaccination gone wrong (*wink*), the big burly vet tech man was all, “Uh, he looks pretty pissed. Wanna get him from the cage?” He’s a *baby*!! But, he did look ticked off. He wasn’t, he just has a glowery face. He’s such a baby. They’re all timid babies. Ah, the boyos.

        Uh, no. No, I’m not at all smitten . . .

  6. Lyra Rose

    HARRY POTTER REFERENCE!! I would so watch Quidditch, but I’d never play it! I wouldn’t ever want to have to dodge a bludger 😛

    Now I want to watch Harry Potter…

    Bubby doesn’t look mean *at all*. I initially wanted to name him Sage because of the color of his eyes, and because he looks like an old wise man. He’s also a total ham and loves posing for the camera–I often joke that he could be a cat model XD

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