Reminders, announcements, and foreshadowing.

The most important announcement is more of a reminder, which is: those of you who have signed up for my story subscription can expect your September installment to go live on the 15th. The move has mostly been for breathing room while I get used to how Patreon works, but I already don’t like it (the date change, not Patreon. Patreon is pretty great) so I don’t know that I’ll keep sending the material out that late in month — though I also don’t know that I won’t. We’ll see.

A secondary announcement is: I’m moving to a new blog. I though I would be doing this sooner rather than later, primarily because I want to get my writing blog associated with my main WP account, because I keep forgetting to come over here and post. O.o Also, as much as I love the name of this blog, I want to make it easy for potential readers to find me, and so the new blog will be at However! September is Finish The Book month, so the new blog shall wait, until October, probably November, unless I do NaNo, in which case, December, and that’s retail hell at the day job, so likely January. So, I guess this is less of an announcement and more of a foreshadowing.

The material for the next story in the subscription is simmering in my brain. Teasers and sneak peaks will happen in the near future. Stay tuned!


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