Currently reading, and last five?

Just because I like to take a peek into other people’s bookshelves/towers . . .

I’m currently making my way through the Percy Jackson books (I’m on my second go of Sea of Monsters). These are ending up being fun, light, bed-time reading, though I’m starting to read them to Corbie as we go, because he enjoys story time, and he prefers boy protagonists. Am not sure how he feels about the god angle, but he’s not a super fussy audience.

I’m also reading (a lot more slowly) The Myths of Narasimha and Vamana, which is a study of, well, the myths of Narasimha and Vamana, two avatars of Vishu, what their lore and worship-history looks like, how they differ in their approach to problems at hand, and how two such different beings could be, ultimately, the same at the source. The writing is very approachable, and the author does a great job of making sure even people with a very superficial understanding of the Vedic sources *waves hands* has an idea of what she’s talking about. So, yay for that.

My last five reads? The Lightning Thief (reread #3); Osun Across the Waters; Dead Heat (the newest Alpha and Omega book, and oh my god, do I love Anna and Charles? Yes, yes, I love Anna and Charles); Bringing Race to the Table: Exploring Racism in the Pagan Community; after that it gets jumbled. There have been a decent amount of nonfiction, enough that I’m craving another fiction splurge . . . Which is nice enough, because I’ve got some fiction waiting for me . . .

What are your last five?


4 thoughts on “Currently reading, and last five?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Was that not a fun series? Tense and worry some — I’m a huge, huge fan of Lindsay Buroker’s gift for pacing, let me tell you! Also, ❤ Sicarius. If only he weren't human, I could have a proper crush.

  1. solarbaby34

    Currently working through Judika Illes’s Pure Magic book and Tainted Mountain by Shannon Baker (first of three in a series whose name escapes me, takes place in Arizona). Last five books were the Accidental Alchemist (Gigi Pandian – takes place in Portland and is awesome), Side Jobs (Jim Butcher), Witch Child and Sorceress (Celia Rees), and Heretic Queen (Michelle Moran). I’d read the second Celia Rees book before and reread it after I read the first one, and the Heretic Queen is kind of a continuation of Moran’s book Nefertiti (one of my favorites).

  2. Jolene Post author

    Thanks for title dropping! *rubs hands* this is really a way to find new-to-me authors. 😉 I need to remember to make time to get back to Jim Butcher. Have you ready any of S.M Reine’s books? Her Witch Hunt reminded me of Butcher’s Dresden series in good ways. (am only three books into the Dresden books, fwiw)


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