Well, that’s not exactly what I expected.

I cannot believe it’s almost 2015. As the last days of 2014 are counting down, I’m facing some pretty exciting — and scary — realizations. I’m sitting with a whole book sketched out, a three book series planned, and a timeline for getting the material written that I believe I can actually manage while working full time. I’m realizing/admitting/finally ready to embrace what it means that in order to do this I need to focus.

2014 was going to be my year to Write All the Things. Going in to 2014 I knew I wanted to get material churned out, with the goal of getting stuff published in 2015. I was going to get A Marriage of Land and Sea written. I thought I’d have Born of Flame written, and the next books in that series, and there was the witches coven series of novellas I wanted to write. I was going to get the material stockpiled and then spend 2015 publishing stuff while continuing to write. That was the goal. It was a good goal. I liked it.

I can’t say that 2014 was a bad writing year — you all know by now how grateful I am for the success of my story subscription, and I’ve written over 100k worth of words of new material. I want to keep the story subscription going (which is why those of you signed up for it are getting to see A Marriage of Land and Sea first) but I also want to find time for getting more material out there. I can’t find time, so I’m taking time.

I don’t want to be that person that only interacts when I’m taking about stuff I’m trying to sell . . . but until these books are done, that’s what I’m going to be, so far as social media platforms are concerned. Deadlines, you know.

My inbox will remain open, and will be the best place to reach me, though I do hope you’ll forgive if my response time is slow. I appreciate everyone’s patience, understanding, and support!


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