Nine By Night — an awesome book bundle you need to have!


So, I had this sitting on my Kindle for ages. Months, even. I purchased it specifically for the Annie Bellet novel, but the problem I have with Kindle books is the lack of a physical TBR pile. I forget about books if I don’t jump on them right away. To celebrate finished (and finished) NaNoWriMo, I decided to reward myself with reading for December (and it says something that I’m two weeks in and plotting out the next series I’m writing, right?). I bought a bunch of books — and I’ll write about them, in the future, because I found some gems I wasn’t expecting. But I also rediscovered this bundle, and I decided to leap in.

Now, I’ll be honest — there are some books that I didn’t care for enough to continue, and that I might go back to. I’m not overly found of New Adult as a category, and I’ll readily admit that disliking that new-fangled genre descriptor is making me reluctant to read much with that label on it. Someday I’ll get tired of this snobbery and force myself to deal with it, but December is/was going to be a no-responsibilities/no-guilt reading spree, so opting to not read books was acceptable.

That said? This bundle — oh this bundle! I’ve already purchased second books in a number of the series that this bundle introduced me to, and reading so many entertaining books with new-to-me voices has rekindled my love for urban fantasy. Many of the books herein are available individually for more than what this bundle costs. Do yourself a favor and buy this.

Any fans of Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs, Kelley Armstrong, C.E. Murphy or Seannan McGuire will find something to enjoy in this bundle. Seriously. Go. Buy. Do it, thank me later.


2 thoughts on “Nine By Night — an awesome book bundle you need to have!

  1. Jolene Poseidonae

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    I am dithering back and forth about the writing blog — again. *sigh* So, for now (until I change my mind again) non-pagan/non-spiritual posts will be going up there . . . . but I’m thinking I’m going to reblog them here so readership can find them easily enough. I’m on the fence when it comes to making potential readers who are not necessarily interested in the religious stuff be hit over the head with Poseidon when they want to find out info about my fiction. Er. Babble. Anyway. Blog post reblog. Woot!


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