Keeping it Real — Proofreading? Sometimes I suck at it.

Strip Me Back To The Bone

All in all I think I do pretty well. My proofreading habits are: write the thing. Read the thing. Make changes. Read the thing out loud for story time. Make the changes. Read the thing again. Submit/release/whatnot.

This month’s installment of my Story Subscription made it out of my inbox to yours with way more typos than I’d’ve liked. I’m embarrassed, but mostly, I’m sorry that I inflicted this upon my readers. There was a bunch of things that went wrong as I was getting this ready to go, and I really ought to have stepped back and waited, and sent it out a day late instead of being stubborn about it. Ah, lessons.

Sometimes, my proofreading just isn’t. Thank you to my readers who contacted me about the issues. When Spirit Touched gets released into the wider world, those typos will be fixed, and everyone who received this installment…

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