Banned Books Week is nearly here!

Every year, when this celebration (celebration? Protest?) rolls around, I remember that I wanted to make a concerted effort to get some of the books into my TBR pile. Every year, I look at the hills of books I already have waiting for me to get to (Five from the uni library, and I’m needing to be honest, Aidos is not going to be read, not now, not by me — how do you take such a concept and make it so boring?? Why, oh why, academia? — and seven out from the public library, and a few e-books that are waiting for me to finish reading) and I realize, it’s going to slip past me this year, again. A fine opportunity for activism (activism through reading! YES! Put me on THOSE front lines, thanks!) is wasted.

Every year I’m grateful all over again that my parents never policed my reading habits. They are why, when my peers were reading Sweet Valley High books, I was devouring the works of Stephen King and V.C. Andrews, John Saul and Dean Koontz. I came across a challenged books once in all of my school years, and the school allowed the student whose parents were protesting to read a different book, but it never went further than that — we kept on with our pagan friendly, magical, fantastical novel (Lloyd Alexander, if you must know) and that was that. I do think parents have a right to decide what they’re kids read or don’t read — I don’t think that one parent, or even a group of parents, get to decide that for a whole class. I certainly don’t think that people get to decide for other people, across the board.

Censorship is bad, m’kay? Yeah, it makes us have to deal with ignorant people getting to publish ignorant ideas — and that’s being kind — but that’s a necessary annoyance, a price that we should *gladly* pay, in order to avoid censorship.

So — anyone doing anything for Banned Book Week? What banned books have you read?


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