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Story Subscription, with a teeny announcement

I keep saying I’m going to get better about keeping this blog moving forward, about writing more than just updates to promote my own material. I won’t apologize for promoting my own material here — that’s part of the point of this blog, after all — but I do keep intending to have more than just that, here. Spread too thin, of late. Spread too thin, all summer it seems.

For those of you who have been subscribing to the story installments, I’m able to say that there are three more installments on this particular story, and then we dive into a new story entirely. I’ll be transparent — I feel something like guilt, something like cheatypants, in springing a novella-length story upon you right out the gate. It was intentional, in that it has given me the freedom to get the finer details of this process figured out, and in the very beginning it gave me the freedom to recover from surgery without having to worry overmuch about getting this project off the ground. Because it feels cheatypants, I feel like I owe you that disclaimer: they won’t all be like this. There will be some stand-alones, and some single installments that are beginning, middle, and end, at least story-wise.

Recapping for those who are only tuning into this now, what on earth am I talking about? You can have original material, written by yours truly, delivered to your inbox, on a monthly basis!

  • A story, or story installment, of no less than 4k words (the equivalent of 7 pages or so) in the formatting of your choice.
  • A minimum fee of $5 per month, though there is a pay-as-you-will option. Some lovely people feel that they want to pay more — or pay for other people to also have a subscription sent to them — and that’s completely acceptable. I did not ask, people offered, and so that option is there, as uncomfortable as that makes me. (Uncomfortable, humbled, and grateful!)
  • Currently, I’m only accepting payments via Paypay (bluedolfyn at yahoo dot com).
  • There are perks offered, on top of the subscription. You can, for example, Name That Character for $25, or Name that Plot! for $50.
  • It’s not too late! If you’re just finding out about this now, and you want in, that’s not a problem. Simply send a note with your payment what you are paying for. If you’re coming into this now, and you send along $15, September 1st will see you with the first three installments in your inbox.
  • If you have questions, please know my inbox is open. If you have suggestions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me. If you’re enjoying this project, please pass the word around!

    The small announcement? If you’re frustrated by the first story being a novella, the end is in sight. November will be the last of Igraine’s Flight, and the new story is already underway. What does it mean to be a witch, long after the world has ended, and our dominance of the food chain has become a legend only half-believed? The night is alive with creatures as magic as mortal and as dark as the shadows they hid in. The gods of the old world kept these creatures at bay for so long humanity had forgotten them, and then, humanity forgot the gods as well. There are a few, with knowledge, power, and training, handed down from during the End of Days, who can still reach the spirits, with whom the spirits will deign to reach back. But are these people revered as the source of wisdom and knowledge they should be? Or are they hunted by those who fear them, much as they fear the creatures in the night? What does it mean to straddle the worlds, to help those who would just as soon kill you? What does being a witch mean, after the end of the world?