On goals, on getting behind, on boundaries.

I’ve learned a lot since beginning this blog. It has
been an invaluable tool to learning my patterns, seeing my limits, discovering what works for me and what doesn’t, discovering what y goals are, in terms of writing.

My goals? Get the stories out. Dare to dream about getting paid to write my books. Get the cycle I go through inverted, so that instead of long periods “refueling” between writing bouts, I have longer writig bouts with less down time in between. Get prolific. Become a prolific writer.

There are so many stories. I can’t write them all, but I need to be writing the ones that I can. I want to. I dare to want to.

Looking back over the past few years, I have to say: I’ve succeeded on inverting that cycle. The Big Goal for 2014 is to get the WiP series done. Written, not necessarily print ready, but with an eye toward publication in 2015. I haven’t failed — I’m 43k into the first novel, and halfway done with it. The second novel is already roughly 1/3 written. Third of the three isn’t even started yet. I’m tempted to say I that I’ve stalled. I haven’t *stalled*. I’ve been working on other stuff.

But this is my reminder: 2014 is for getting this series written. Everything else comes after. Because it matters that much to me, to see this goal met.

I love writing.

I’ve been in a reading glut. Finally gotten around to reading the Valdemar books. I devoured my way through six and seven of the Walker Papers. C.E. Murphy is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers, ever. Reading helps me remember why I love writing.

I love writing.


In other news: our dog is now on spendy heart medication. February was an interesting month for us. I’m grateful that writing is such an inexpensive passion to have.


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