An Interview with Juli D. Revezzo — Celebrating Pagan Fiction series

Long time readers of this blog will know that I’m a fan of Juli’s writing. I am ridiculously pleased to see her work hitting the public sphere. I’ve been allowed access to her talent for years; it’s about time you get the chance, too!


Juli’s writing is replete with pagan elements, from battles between Celtic gods in her Harshad Wars series to her witches in Antique Magic series, so it may not be a huge surprise that Juli herself in pagan. And, happily, she’s willing to talk to us about that wonderful place where paganism and writing intersects. It is one of my favorite “crossroads”.

Thanks, Juli!


What is your pagan tradition/path?

Juli: Well, I’m a budding bard and like to piddle around with my garden as much as my stories, so it’s a little mixture of Druidic, muse, and Earth mother, I guess you could say. 🙂

How does your particular paganism or spiritual path influence your writing?

Juli: I’ve always leaned a little bit on Mythology when building the worlds in my stories (both romance and fantasy) but I have, of late, mixed more of a Celtic mythological feel into my stories.

Was it a conscious decision on your part to write about pagan topics or was it a natural outgrowth of ‘writing what you know’?

Juli:  My very first finished manuscript had a pagan priestess in it, and that was before I really knew what I was doing.  So I suppose it was more a natural outgrowth of my chosen genre. After all, even Tolkien mixed mythology into his Lord of the Rings series. So it’s something I’ve always leaned towards.

Do you view your fiction as religious fiction, in that it has either a didactic or an inspirational purpose?

Juli: Not really. It’s just storytelling flavored with a dash of paganism.

There is an abundance of pagan-friendly stories on the market these days, especially with the gaining popularity and ease of independent publishing. Do you find there is a difference between material written by pagans about pagan or pagan-friendly stories and material written by non-pagans about pagans or pagan-friendly stories?

Juli: Emphatically TAI_New_eBook600_zps490e4eecyes! How do I put this? You can tell when a writer knows nothing about the pagan myths and gods they’re fiddling with. And when they do. There’s a certain level of respect that just can’t be faked. In fact, even though sometimes my characters have to go up against the gods (for instance Caitlin in my Antique Magic series butts heads with Arianrhod a little), I have tried to remain respectful of the figures I employ in my stories. Any “antagonist gods” I might employ are antagonists in the myths. Also, I don’t know if I’d say there’s an abundance of pagan-friendly fiction out there at all. It’s more like one tiny block of a corner of the floor of fictional subgenres.

Where do you hope to see the future of pagan fiction go?

Juli: I hope it continues and becomes more respectful of the figures non-pagan authors are dealing with.  But in reality, I predict, like anything else, its popularity will wane, more than anything.

Who are your favorite pagan fiction authors and/or what are the titles of some of your favorite pagan fiction works?

Juli: Herm….can I say my host and get away with it? (Her host certainly thinks so!!) 🙂 Her and Rebecca Buchanan, and romance authors Maggie Shayne and Elissa Wilds. I also love Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft Mysteries.

Lastly, tell us where we can find more about your and your available work?

Juli: Interested readers can find more at my website at:

And my work is available at Amazon:

Barnes and Noble:

Smashwords: and The Wild Rose Press:

Thank you for hosting me, Jolene!

Thank you, again, Juli, for your time!


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