Drawing Down the Shades – A Review

Drawing Down the Shade is the next installment in Juli D. Revezzo’s Antique Magic series, and I am thrilled to see it “hitting the shelves”! DDS reacquaints us with Caitlin and Trevor as they continue to settle into their new lives: a new business, new responsibilities, and a newly-rediscovered strength in their commitment to each other, no matter the cost.


After the events in the previous books, Caitlin is a touch jumpy when it comes to the supernatural rubbing elbows with her husband, so when the building Trevor’s antique shop is in begins to show signs of being haunted, she quickly takes to the task of finding out all that she can. Is the place haunted? Had it been before or is this a new haunting? Is something after Trevor, or is the location simply happenstance? Is Caitlin being singled out by a vengeful goddess, or does this have nothing at all to do with the business her family is tied up in? Caitlin does not allow the unknown slow her down in the least — her commitment to her family compels her through her fears and gives her courage when others might simply flee for safety.

I’ve waxed poetic previously about the relationship between Trevor and Caitlin, but it continues to be the backbone of this series, and Ms. Revezzo does a fantastic job of making that shine throughout.

One word of warning: this is decidedly not a stand-alone book. This is part of a series. Too often I’ve seen reviews given on not-book-one of a series, complaining that it didn’t make any sense without reading the first book. You could, in theory, pick this up and read it as a first book, and you could likely even follow it. Do yourself a favor, though: start with The Artist’s Inheritance and Caitlin’s Book of Shadows. This is a great series.


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