The Perfect Book

Been talking books lately with new people. Felt like it was a good time to rerun this blog post. Aaah, books.

The Saturated Page

The Perfect Book

In my review of Darkborn I mentioned that the book was one of my perfect reads. This has me thinking about the other books on my perfect reads list. What put them on the list? What makes them perfect? None of the books on my list are touted as Great Works of Literature. They’re not classic texts. Most of them are not even widely known outside of genre fiction. They have some things in common, but the most cohesive category they can fall under together would be ‘speculative fiction’ and that’s about as useful as a description as ‘pagan’ can be – that is, it’s not. Musing on this last night, I realized that the books on my perfect books list all fill me with wonder and remind me why it is I want to write stories. I read them at a time when I was perfectly…

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