Musings on NaNoWriMo

I gave up on NaNo before the actual end of the month, and I was happy with the 45k that I produced on the first draft of Inundated. The writing of it, and at that pace, was, over all, good. I learned some things, such as: the reasons I thought I wouldn’t enjoy participating in NaNoWriMo did not end up being the real reasons I’m not participating again. The reason I won’t be? Because November is a ridiculous time for someone working full time (plus!) in retail to start writing a book from the ground up.

I did like the pace. I find 50k in a month completely do-able. In fact, that’s the plan going forward. 2014 is to be the year of the Stewards’ War, and that’s four books that I intend to have written by Dec. 31st, 2014. I’m aiming, obviously, for first drafts, not so much finished and polished and ready to be released. Who knows, I may end up trying to shop them around. (I hate formatting, you guys. Hate it.) 50k is not a book, but 100k very well could be, and two months for a book, three to four books? I can swing that in a year.

Along with that, there are a number of shorter works and novellas I want to get out. NaNoWriMo reminded me of my love for writing, of the importance of the stories, and made me aware that the stories I tell myself about myself, about writing and pace and reasons why I don’t write, are just stories. So, maybe I don’t and won’t write seven days a week . . . but then again, why not? 2k or less now seems so very easy. (She says, fully admitting that there are days when each word is like sweating blood).

And I didn’t stop reading! I’ve got some reviews I need to get around to — though posting may not be regular again until after December is over, cuz, you know. Day job. December. Blargh.


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