Another week gone . . .

I’m really liking the challenges to my way of thinking of things, the way I’ve decided I felt or feel about something, and experience proving me right or wrong regarding that. It’s spilling over into all areas of my life, so it’s been quite interesting.

I hit the 30k mark, today. I’ve given up on Mondays for McCredie mostly because I’ve already decided to make 2014 all about getting all four of the books of the Steward’s War written, and then going from there. I really am enjoying this pace (who knew?? Couldn’t stand trying to get 1k a day for years, and now suddenly 2k most days is cake?). What I’m stuck wondering now is, am I going to finish? I’m going to hit 50k, no problem, but am I going to be done the rough draft?

I’m not sure. I suppose I need to start bare-bones-ing it as I go? WHat do you do, when faced with this? The challenge after all is not getting the words out, but getting the whole draft out, beginning, middle, end.

Not sure what my solution will be. I’m pretty content to keep going apace and just finish when I finish. Do I care about collecting any sort of NaNo glitter? The point was, all along, to write the words, and I am, I have been, I will have.

As of right now, I’m glad I talked myself into participating this year. Let’s see how my experience changes in the weeks to come!


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