First week of NaNoWriMo: done!

Embrace the insanity? Done! I’ve hit 7025words on the Inundated, 3k of those written today, and then another 2010 on Born in Flame. (I keep waffling on that title. Hate titling things) So, 9k since the 1st. 9K. Four days. And, heh, I wrote 600 words on the 1st and nothing else until yesterday. You can do that math. I want to say, it’s easy, since I do have Monday set up to be a Nothing But Writing day. And it’s somewhat easy, but it’s also . . . I have this headache, now, and words are . . . coming with increasing difficulty.

Oh, right, and I also read Rosemary and Rue yesterday, too. And grocery shopped. I am amazing. *flexes arms*


My first impression of NaNoWriMo is: I don’t like it. I like that I’m going forward and getting my word count goals, and that’s why I’m going to finish it. So I can say: hey, I did this, finally, and you know, I don’t like it; or, hey, I did this, and I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it turns out I did; or any variation therein. And it could very well be that my NaNo project is different enough from what I normally write, that that’s the difference — maybe I needed to outline, since it’s not really fiction? What I do know is that I have 7k words, and I already know that about half that are usable.

The reason I write on the computer, rather than longhand, besides the speed, is the efficiency. I’ve worked hard to become an edit-as-I-go person, because I suffer from the curse of the Dread Chapter Three: I would write and stop at chapter three and go back and edit, and do it over and over and over again. My material is not perfect when the first draft is done, by any means. Good gods, the habits I fall into, the things I over look, the horrible, horrible writing that I’m capable of. But, on average, I have scenes and sections to bulk up, to tweak, to move around. I don’t wind up with half my material useless by the time the initial draft is done. I do tend to hit the halfway point, and have to rewrite extensively as the story really, really, finally reveals its glory to me, but we tend to have that midpoint fall out and then while it’s not smooth sailing necessarily, it’s at least more or less efficient. And I’m not sure this is going to be, for me.

But, I’m not sure. So, I’m going to keep going. Because who knows what next week will bring?

I sort of love the momentum, at any rate.

How was your first week?


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