Embrace the Insanity!

I first learned about National Novel Writing Month waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2000, which is the year I wrote The Fosterling. I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo that year, nor have I since, but I’ve thought about. Always, always, I keep thinking about it. I talk about it, as a what-if scenario. But I’ve never signed up.

I signed up yesterday.

I thought, at first: I’ll use this time to finish up Born of Flame. I’m already 30k into it, I can use that remainder 50k to get it to novel length in a month. Beth helpfully pointed out that since I officially signed up I need to do it officially and follow the rules. So I can prep a work before Nov. 1st, but I can’t actually start the project, the actual writing, before Nov. 1st. *grumble* Which means not only is BoF out of the running, but so is poor Brit and Thistle’s novel. Boohiss.

Actually, this works, because there’s this other project . . . .

The insanity that I’m embracing is not “oh my gods, 50k in 30 days” but it’s rather this:

I am not willing to set BoF totally aside. Historically for the writing of this novel, Monday has been the day to work on it, and I’ve averaged 5k a week since, excluding last Monday because I could not sit down and type. I intend to keep Monday for that project (that campaign is henceforth known as Mondays for McCredie!). I just also intend to get 50k written on the new project, also.

Which means that the goal is to end November not with 50k words but rather with 65-70k.

Beth has also signed up to participate.

I see a lot of take out in our future, and not a small amount of dust-bunnies. But I’m going to meet 2014 with BoF’s first draft finished, and maybe another project ready to be edited. For November, I will be passionate writer I’m afraid of becoming. We’ll try it on for size.

What this means for you is: lots of boring updates about word count goals, progress check-ins, and not much else. I will be ignoring pretty much all blogs, and will be checking email only a few times a week at best. It means neglect, is what it means. But, only for a month.

So, who else is in?


8 thoughts on “Embrace the Insanity!

  1. Nykti

    I mean NaNo has rules, but also doesn’t have rules. There are a number of people who believe that it still counts as long as you write 50k(+) NEW words, and you’re not being a Rebel. I haven’t done it before, but I also don’t see the issue. The real point about NaNo is that you get writing.

    Also, please stop blogging about NaNo because I am already in pre-NaNo freak out because I DON’T have an idea on what I’m going to write about. Eep.

    (I kid. šŸ˜› Your blog, your words!)

    1. Jolene Post author

      What, you think I’m being too much Virgo with my rules? šŸ˜‰ I’ve already Agreed to Those Who Hold Me To My Word that I’d work on the *mumblemutter* project. Not that I have to be a good sport about it. Plus, I want to keep my Mondays for McCredie!! battle cry.

      So, that’s a yes to NaNo for you? *innocence personified*

  2. Heather Freysdottir

    Oh gods. I have all kinds of things that Himself wants me to finish. Fine, fine, Honey, I’m in. I will finish SOMETHING. LOL. probably the godspouse book He’s been poking me about for over a year

  3. Beth

    Meeee! I’m in somehow, even though I’m already committed to three craft shows for the season, two of them in November, and thus must keep up with the spinning too. But this is what I’m doing for my Husband instead of blogging in Nov, and “embrace the insanity” is sort of His motto anyway.


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