Lift with your legs!

Two weeks ago this coming Tuesday, I was really, really stupid at my day job. I mean, really. Under normal conditions, my lower back is a pretty weak area. I’m overweight, I’ve suffered two pretty major injuries to that area in my past, and I regularly do not practice yoga, which I know helps strengthen this otherwise neglected part of my body. (In fact, when I do particular stretches I achieve a pain-free status. Having achieved that, I then skip a day and that turns into months, and then I pull my back out and it starts all over again). I have never pulled my back out this severely. I worked three hours and finally gave in to the mounting pain. I came home, applied heat, popped some asprin and went to bed. And then had some of the worst days of my life. I had, for two days, one position that did not make the pain scream but rather allowed it to maintain a dull roar. On the third day, I could actually move onto my side, and I thought that meant I was able to go to work. So I showered and got dressed — with the help of Beth, because I couldn’t actually bend enough to put on my shoes or get my pants started. And then, because my back was randomly, frequently spasming to catch balance, cried. A lot. And called in sick for the rest of the week.

Do you know what you can do when your back hurts so much you can’t even sit? Not a whole lot. I couldn’t even knit until last Saturday, and even then I was mostly lying down. I certainly did not write anything. (Including emails, I am woefully behind. Don’t think I don’t know!). As a result, my progress of Born from Flame has slowed down for October. And I’m eyeballing Nanowrimo. I haven’t, ever, as readers may know already. But, I think this year I could. I might. We’ll see.

I did plot a bit, while laid up. Why not, when you have nothing else to do. Snuggled the dog, watched a LOT of Youtube. Can’t wait to get in the chair tomorrow and get some work done!


One thought on “Lift with your legs!

  1. Diane

    Okay, I tried to reply earlier on my phone, but apparently that didn’t take. Anyway, I’m glad that you’re starting to feel a bit better!


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