Small update . . .

I keep cycling between posting a decent amount and then getting quiet. Don’t mean to; life, you know?

Been reading and working here, but I took a break from the WiP this week (remember, I have one writing day a week) to head north to Oregon Flock and Fiber — and it was awesome. We were being battered with typhoon after-effects, so it was also incredibly soggy and somewhat scary. The coworker of Beth’s who was good enough to schlep us up there was amazing, and we’re grateful. We scored five fleeces for Beth (for those who care about such things: a Cotswold, a BFL/Gotland/Wensleydale cross, an alpaca, a Coopworth, and, my favorite, a Jacob) as well as a few braids of top to spin. (Including some Shetland for yours truly). Going reminded me that though I’m not much of a spinner, I do love me my knitting, and it’s time to get back in that saddle.

Reading has slowed down quite a bit — we’re reading through Lesley Hazleton’s Jezebel currently, and I’m just starting the 2nd of Abercrombie’s book, though I’m really not in the mood for fiction at the moment, unless it’s mine. Which is good. Hit a snag in my story, and did take time this week to think through it, so when Monday roles around I’m going to hit the ground running, and I’m excited about it.

The rainy season has started, and it’s beautiful. That’s all I’ve got for today.


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