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Embrace the Insanity!

I first learned about National Novel Writing Month waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2000, which is the year I wrote The Fosterling. I didn’t participate in NaNoWriMo that year, nor have I since, but I’ve thought about. Always, always, I keep thinking about it. I talk about it, as a what-if scenario. But I’ve never signed up.

I signed up yesterday.

I thought, at first: I’ll use this time to finish up Born of Flame. I’m already 30k into it, I can use that remainder 50k to get it to novel length in a month. Beth helpfully pointed out that since I officially signed up I need to do it officially and follow the rules. So I can prep a work before Nov. 1st, but I can’t actually start the project, the actual writing, before Nov. 1st. *grumble* Which means not only is BoF out of the running, but so is poor Brit and Thistle’s novel. Boohiss.

Actually, this works, because there’s this other project . . . .

The insanity that I’m embracing is not “oh my gods, 50k in 30 days” but it’s rather this:

I am not willing to set BoF totally aside. Historically for the writing of this novel, Monday has been the day to work on it, and I’ve averaged 5k a week since, excluding last Monday because I could not sit down and type. I intend to keep Monday for that project (that campaign is henceforth known as Mondays for McCredie!). I just also intend to get 50k written on the new project, also.

Which means that the goal is to end November not with 50k words but rather with 65-70k.

Beth has also signed up to participate.

I see a lot of take out in our future, and not a small amount of dust-bunnies. But I’m going to meet 2014 with BoF’s first draft finished, and maybe another project ready to be edited. For November, I will be passionate writer I’m afraid of becoming. We’ll try it on for size.

What this means for you is: lots of boring updates about word count goals, progress check-ins, and not much else. I will be ignoring pretty much all blogs, and will be checking email only a few times a week at best. It means neglect, is what it means. But, only for a month.

So, who else is in?

Beyond the Pillars has been released!!


I’m a bit late on this, but in case you haven’t already heard, the publishing arm of Neos Alexandria has released their pagan fantasy anthology Beyond The Pillars, available both in paperback and for Kindle. If the material is anything like what was available in their The Shining Cities collection, the book is going to be fantastic.

Or, right. And my A Windswept Tree can be found within. 😉

Lift with your legs!

Two weeks ago this coming Tuesday, I was really, really stupid at my day job. I mean, really. Under normal conditions, my lower back is a pretty weak area. I’m overweight, I’ve suffered two pretty major injuries to that area in my past, and I regularly do not practice yoga, which I know helps strengthen this otherwise neglected part of my body. (In fact, when I do particular stretches I achieve a pain-free status. Having achieved that, I then skip a day and that turns into months, and then I pull my back out and it starts all over again). I have never pulled my back out this severely. I worked three hours and finally gave in to the mounting pain. I came home, applied heat, popped some asprin and went to bed. And then had some of the worst days of my life. I had, for two days, one position that did not make the pain scream but rather allowed it to maintain a dull roar. On the third day, I could actually move onto my side, and I thought that meant I was able to go to work. So I showered and got dressed — with the help of Beth, because I couldn’t actually bend enough to put on my shoes or get my pants started. And then, because my back was randomly, frequently spasming to catch balance, cried. A lot. And called in sick for the rest of the week.

Do you know what you can do when your back hurts so much you can’t even sit? Not a whole lot. I couldn’t even knit until last Saturday, and even then I was mostly lying down. I certainly did not write anything. (Including emails, I am woefully behind. Don’t think I don’t know!). As a result, my progress of Born from Flame has slowed down for October. And I’m eyeballing Nanowrimo. I haven’t, ever, as readers may know already. But, I think this year I could. I might. We’ll see.

I did plot a bit, while laid up. Why not, when you have nothing else to do. Snuggled the dog, watched a LOT of Youtube. Can’t wait to get in the chair tomorrow and get some work done!

Small update . . .

I keep cycling between posting a decent amount and then getting quiet. Don’t mean to; life, you know?

Been reading and working here, but I took a break from the WiP this week (remember, I have one writing day a week) to head north to Oregon Flock and Fiber — and it was awesome. We were being battered with typhoon after-effects, so it was also incredibly soggy and somewhat scary. The coworker of Beth’s who was good enough to schlep us up there was amazing, and we’re grateful. We scored five fleeces for Beth (for those who care about such things: a Cotswold, a BFL/Gotland/Wensleydale cross, an alpaca, a Coopworth, and, my favorite, a Jacob) as well as a few braids of top to spin. (Including some Shetland for yours truly). Going reminded me that though I’m not much of a spinner, I do love me my knitting, and it’s time to get back in that saddle.

Reading has slowed down quite a bit — we’re reading through Lesley Hazleton’s Jezebel currently, and I’m just starting the 2nd of Abercrombie’s book, though I’m really not in the mood for fiction at the moment, unless it’s mine. Which is good. Hit a snag in my story, and did take time this week to think through it, so when Monday roles around I’m going to hit the ground running, and I’m excited about it.

The rainy season has started, and it’s beautiful. That’s all I’ve got for today.