An(other) Interview with Juli D. Revezzo

We are celebrating! Yes indeed! And what are we celebrating? We are celebrating FREE BOOKS. Legitimately free non-pirated books, to boot! (Stealing books is bad, m’kay?)


You may or may not have guessed by now, but I’m enthusiastically excited over the release of Passion’s Sacred Dance, the first book in her Harshad Wars series. You shouldn’t have to guess; I’ve been writing about it enough lately.

Juli was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions for me about . . . well. You’ll see.


Passion’s Sacred Dance, book one of the Harshad Wars series, is the first of your available work that was published through a publisher, rather than an indie release. It is, as you and I both know, not even remotely the first book you’ve penned. How does it feel to have this book out?

It feels awesome! 🙂

The Harbingers are awful scary — menacing and powerful, if a bit dim. How many nightmares did they inspire in you during the writing of this book?

Oh, quite a few. But they seem scared of the fact that I can run them through with a loaded harshad if I want to. (hehe)

Without giving too much away, Stacy manages to both believe what’s going on and also can’t quite believe it’s really happening — a bit of the wanting something to be true so much that, once it is, she can’t believe that it really is. You’ve managed to portray this state of hers superbly . . . um. That’s not a question. So, the question is: how much work was that, to get it *just* right? (Maybe it can better read: how did you not kill her instead?)

How did I not kill her? It was very, very close there for a while. I just looked at it like this: There ultimately comes a time in everyone’s life where they feel like this. Can’t you think of a time or two where you knew something was going to happen but, gods above, if you could prevent it from happening you’d much rather do that? That’s what I tried to show in her and it was, as you know, a delicate balancing act to get it right, and get her head out of the sand. It may’ve come from the fact that my dad was an old soldier. His stories just always seemed to end up saying that, you know it’s coming, just pick up the damned grenade and throw it. Because you’ve got two choices: Stand there and let it kill you or do something about it. That’s what Stacy does. In her case, she just wanted to know everything about said grenade first. *lol*

Is the second book done yet? *innocent look*

Not yet. Almost. Its first draft has been much more work than the first. There’s a lot more research and, dare I say, worldbuilding that’s going into it.

What was your inspiration for this book, and the entire series?

For the book, I heard a Megadeth song, “Foreclosure of a Dream” in my head and saw this woman walking out of a bank looking like she’d just lost the world and so I wondered… hmmm….What’s this? Then also, I was reading a lot of Celtic myth at the time. The story of the Second Battle of Mag Tuired suggested an ongoing battle set at Imbolc, and they just meshed. Nicely, I think. 🙂 The series came about when Stacy’s ancestors started telling her how far back into history the battles went and I got jazzed about writing those time periods. 🙂 I have an art history degree, and also am an armchair historian, so this seemed fun, what can I say?

What’s on your reading pile right now?

I’m reading Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon, The Captive by Joanne Rock, and Seducing Sigefroi by Vijaya Schartz. So, some fantasy, some romance, plus a couple things about Medieval history for the other books in the series, and even a bit about horses for another novella I’m working on.

You are a networking goddess — how do you manage to keep all the various CFSs and networking places straight?

I’m a packrat? 🙂 I’ll usually send myself any links I find in Google or other search engines for future use. If it’s a call for submissions and I have something ready or inspiration for something, I’ll sometimes get it out PDQ. If not, I write the deadline on my calendar and get to work if the inspiration strikes. When the submission is out, I jot it down in my notes/diary or in a computer file usually saying where I sent it, when and what it was I sent.

Any other projects you’ve got going on?

Aside from the follow up to Passion’s Sacred Dance, I’m working on a novella for The Wild Rose Press, a paranormal romance about a disgraced fairy godmother. 🙂 Which has been a lot of fun to write. I hope that will be out early next year but at this point, I can’t say a time for sure. I’m also working on the follow up to my first indie paranormal fantasy novel The Artist’s Inheritance. It’s called Drawing Down the Shades and I hope to have it out by the beginning of next year. We shall see. I’m also working on a few other Victorian-set stories. I’m always noodling around on something. 🙂

Thank you for hosting me today, Jolene!


Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions, Juli!


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