Library haul, or, why I love research

Because it’s a topic that’s on my mind, I’m realizing how much of my wealth of random, almost useless knowledge has come about because of my writing. I am one of those people who knows a little bit about a whole lot of things, a whole lot of seemingly unrelated things, and the relationship is clearly because of my writing. At least, it owes a lot to my writing.

Volcanoes play an important part in my current WIP. My knowledge about volcanoes is very likely grade-school level, but I’m working on that. Specifically, I needed to brush up on the composition and geology of the Cascade Range and its volcanoes, so last weekend I trundled off to our local library.

Aside from picking up Anton Strout‘s Alchemystic and the second (or first) of Ted Dekker’s, I went specifically seeking out Fire Mountains of the West — whose unexpected map changed a foundational bit of the WIP. This book was written so that the lay person could read it and understand it, and so far, it’s been an interesting read. Admittedly, I haven’t gotten far, because I’m trying to get the books that are due back sooner read first, and I’m in the thick of a fiction read.

But, I also discovered, and am completely dorking out over Eruptions that Shook the World. I’m only on the first chapter, still, and it is dense, you see, but reading it has made me realize or appreciate more, what writing does for me. Because, ultimately, this book will, if anything, add nuance and flavor to my story, but it won’t be immediately apparent to anyone but myself. I will spend hours reading this book — likely many, because it is dense, you see.

The world is exciting to explore, and my brain is a sponge that wants to know everything . . .


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