So, I haven’t written since Monday . . .

And that’s okay, because I’m still up on my word count, by a lot. Lots of stuff going on this week, a lot of it mostly annoying health crap either on my end or on Beth’s, and we’re muddling through. I’ve read instead (you’ll see those reviews coming up in the next week or so), and at the same time, issues with the WIP have been working themselves out. Because my brain doesn’t stop when I’m not writing, though I have trained myself to not go too far ahead and thus burn myself out on the story.

In the past, my cycle with writing has been a lot like my cycle with other things, especially exercises that help strengthen my back. I go through a period of need. My back flares up, or my not writing makes me antsy and anxious and short-tempered, because of the pressure of all the things I have to write and have not. I start doing the exercises that I know help, or I start writing. The pain goes away, or the word count gets steady. And then, I decide I’ll skip a day, and then it’s another day, and then it’s been a month, and my back is out again.

Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

With my word count up, I could be tempted to skip a writing day. With my writing days pared down to one day, possibly two a week (wherein at least on the one day I have roughly six hours to write) the temptation to skip a day is pretty much gone. I can’t wait to sit down and get some words in.

I should track the ups and downs, word-count wise, as I go. I’ve only been tracking the words gained. During my next session, I know that a good half of what I wrote last Monday is going to be altered and/or cut, and I’m not upset about it, because I know what happens, instead, and because most of what I’ve written so far has stayed. I think I’ve got ~ 2k that was written and then went away. So, that’s roughly 10%.

I’ve got busy weekends coming up during the remainder of September, and the last Monday I have commitments to go fawn over sheep instead of writing, so I’ll have to be sure to get that writing in at some other time. Having one or two writing days a week also invites flexibility to scheduling.

This is awesome.


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