Pagan Fiction series: Thinking Out Loud (now with a poll!)

During the recent blog/ck party that I participated in (and still need to go and read so many blogs!) I started thinking about marketing and networking and the like. This was the first blog hop type thing (while not strictly speaking an actual blog hop, since I posted entirely on my own blog) that I’ve done, but I’ve seen others do them, and I’ve read about others doing them, and I realize that the results are a mixed bag for people. I think the idea of this particular one was a very neat — yay indie publishing! — and I met some interesting people, and more importantly, I’ve found more books I need to read. (I like people for the most part, but I don’t think a single writer on that hop will begrudge me the fact that I’m more excited about the books! Priorities after all!) However, the fact that our common ground in this party was something so wide as being indie publishers, has started me thinking about that. That’s a huge, huge common ground. As a genre writer, it’s almost too large a category. Yes, I want to reach people, but I want to reach people specifically interested in the fantasy genre. People who are not interested in fantasy are not going to necessarily want to read my material. I don’t blame them. Yes, readers often read outside of just one genre, I know that. I’m a reader, too, and I basically want stories, but fantasy is one of those genres where, if you are not interested in it, you aren’t going to be interested in it. (Silly people)

But, thinking about The Fairy Queen of Spencer’s Butte” made me think about The Ruin of Beltany Ring which in turn got me thinking about pagan fiction in general, and pagan fiction written by pagan authors specifically, and that got me thinking . . . .

There is a ton of pagan friendly fantasy out there. A ton. There’s more that has pagan elements that are less pagan friendly — stories that treat the gods at though they are convenient plot vehicles with no depth at all, for example. And I love pagan friendly stories, especially when they’re written by people who are pagan friendly and willing to writing with some degree of actual research having gone into the story — even when the story calls for liberal poetic license than changes things – because, stories. They win, in the end.

But what really gets me excited is the idea of pagan fiction written by pagans. I don’t really care about the genre so much, though obviously my mind goes first to fantasy. And I’m thinking, maybe I want to have a series on this blog about it. Maybe I want to seek it out and read it and review it. Maybe I want to interview people about their work. I think I do. I really, really think that I do.

I know there is Pagan Book Reviews which is an awesome site, for the record. I’m just interested in a place that deals solely with pagan fiction by pagan writers. So . . . anyone other than me interested?


12 thoughts on “Pagan Fiction series: Thinking Out Loud (now with a poll!)

    1. Jolene Post author

      Sweet! I’m not restricting the genre subject matter, so that works. (There are certain types of erotica I’m not interested in reading, but those types are pretty small . . . ) I’m also not sure I’m going to be reviewing everyone who I also interview. That is — it’s a brand new story and I’m sure I’ll work out the kinks as I go. That said: are you interested in doing an interview?

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  2. Shauna Aura knight

    I’m a Pagan author, and I write Pagan fiction. Currently my published fiction is urban fantasy/paranormal romance. In the future I’ll be releasing epic fantasy that is absolutely informed by my Pagan roots. I’d be interested in taking part in this project.


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