The Bridge of D’Arnath series by Carol Berg: a review


I’ll admit it — this was a reread for me. I’m linking to the first book in the series, but while I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as I can, I am going to talk a bit about the quartet as a whole.

While I’m stuck waiting for a variety of holds at my library to come my way, I decided it was time to reread some books and see about thinning out my collection. (I started with Jack of Kinrowan thinking, maybe it’s time to let go of some of my de Lint books. I used to have a rule about only keeping book I knew I’d reread. Yeah. Said reread nixed that idea, and so, too, did my reread of this series) I’m a few books behind on Carol Berg’s newer releases, but she has yet to disappoint. I remember especially adoring the third in The Bridge of D’Arnath series and I thought, hey, let’s go visit.

One thing that sets this series apart from other fantasy series is how the books are written. Son of Avonar could very well sit as a stand alone book, tragic and heart breaking, but complete if you know nothing about the following books. The story jumps around a bit, chronologically, but it all makes sense is the end. It may not be the conclusion that we *want*, but, it works.

The following books change that by giving us multiple point of view characters throughout the series. We learn that where once we thought we were dealing with one world we are, in fact, dealing with two — if not more — and nothing happens quite the way we expect it would.

I love, love Carol Berg’s writing. She convinced me with her novel Transformation and she really hasn’t stopped since. The Bridge of D’Arnath has to contend with her Lighthouse Duet for my all time favorite, but the cast of Bridge may win, in the end. So many amazing, larger than life people to adore, with such fascinating stories.


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