And for the last . . .(post 8!)

As mentioned in the previous Indie Block Party post these last two prompts have been difficult for me. This one, social networking, takes the cake, though.

I maintain a blog and a FB account. I don’t know that I use either well enough for marketing. Mostly, between working 40 hours a week outside the home, having a small zoo to take care of, and an assortment of other things taking up my time, writing gets the bulk of my left over time. Even when I want to be spending more time on marketing and supporting other peoples’ marketing endeavours — like this party — I generally fail. There isn’t the time.

I realize that at some point I need to start working the time in *somewhere*. But so far, I’ve mostly kept my toes out of that water.


2 thoughts on “And for the last . . .(post 8!)

  1. Elaine

    I think you’ve got a fair response. I’m guessing your 40 hours a week mean a day job (sorry if I’m assuming incorrectly) so I understand the day job thing, and then wanting to maximize writing time between every other pressure in life.


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