Meet my neighbor: Indie Block Party post 4

darkheirloom_200x300A huge part of the reason why I decided to participate in this Block Party was the thought of getting to also promote other peoples’ work. I do that a little already when I post reviews, both here and at Amazon and B& I do that, we all do that, when we talk about other books by other people. It’s important. But I really liked that this was built into this thing that is supposed to also help us promote our work. And then, hah! When I saw the titles put forth by the writer that signed up after moi? Hot damn!

Once Upon a Vampire author pic 2012Author J.D. Brown is a writer who is very sure about what her goals are, for writing. Go ahead and see for yourself. With two books released, a web serial underway, and the third book in progress, she’s quite clearly, erm, bitten by the writing bug. Between generous samples from both Dark Heirloom (cover above) and Dark Liaison, and Athena’s Oracle available for free, you have no excuse — none! — to not check out her writing.

I’m pleased to share with you my (not so lame after all) questions and her answers in this installment of the Indie Block Party.


1) Other than your own work, which vampire books are your favorites, and why?

I’m actually a big fan of the classics. I love Bram Stoker’s Dracula and all the resulting movies based on it. Something about doomed tragic romance that transcends the ages with no happily-ever-after in sight always gets me. I’ve never been the mushy rose-tinted romance type. Of course, my books have a happy ending, but I put my vampires through hell and back to earn it.

2) What inspired you to produce a web serial with Athena’s Oracle, rather than releasing it in book from instead?

I actually did this for my fans. As a book lover, I know how much it sucks to have to wait a year for the next installment in a series. Athena’s Oracle is actually a prequel to my other novel Dark Heirloom. I thought, hey, why not post it on my blog as a serial book so that my fans can get their fix while waiting for Dark Becoming (book 3)?

3) Because I quite love to get glimpses into other peoples’ lives (hey, we’re writers, right? It’s what we _do_), what does your writing routine look like?

My routine probably makes me look really lazy! I’m so horrible… I’m NOT a morning person at all. I’m one of those people you learn not to speak to until after they’ve had their coffee and an hour of solitude to accept that the day is upon them. I check my email and facebook and do what ever online promotional things I need to do in my pajamas. Then I have my 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee, and then I write from about 3pm to 3am. Then I do it all over again the next day…

4) What is your favorite part of being an indie-published author? What’s your least favorite part? (Dare I guess formatting, or am I just projecting my own hates?)

My favorite part is having total control. I like being able to chat with my fans on facebook. I like being able to give away as many copies of my books as I want, because I’m in this to be read. But there are a lot of downsides. I wish I had an agent and PR team (or that I could afford one). Marketing is tricky and I’m no sales expert. I know I said I’m in this to be read – not to get rich – but it’s a lot harder to write and build a career from writing when you’re juggling a second job. I would like to make just enough money to pay my bills and support myself doing what I love to do. I once heard a comedian say “I went from wanting to get rich doing comedy, to wanting to make a living doing comedy, to just wanting five minutes on a stage.” I think that applies to all the indie artists out there. It’s a tough industry.

5) Is there one book you’ve read that you wish you’d written?

Any best selling novel. Haha. This kind of ties in with my answer to #4.

6) What books can you not wait for your soon-to-be-niece to read or have read to her?

I really hope she grows up to be a book worm like me! My sister (her mother) is the total opposite. She rarely get’s through one chapter of a book. I have saved one of my favorite YA series growing up – Daughters of the Moon by Lynne Ewing. I would be really proud if she liked them too. But I would be happy if she liked to read anything.

7) Is there a question about writing or about reading or about anything which you’ve wanted to answer but have never been asked? Use this space to do so, if so!

Nope, your questions where all fantastic. I had a lot of fun answering them. Thanks for having on your blog, Jolene, and have a great time with the rest of the Block Party. đŸ™‚


See? My questions don’t suck. Ha!

Thanks you, J.D. Brown, for taking the time to answer these questions and for sharing a bit about yourself. Thanks to all the readers who’ve stopped by, as well. Now, follow those links and take advantage for those free samples!


4 thoughts on “Meet my neighbor: Indie Block Party post 4

  1. Elaine (@ImaPaperNinja)

    J.D. Thats really neat what you did with Athena’s Oracle. I’ve been trying to think of what would be some good “bonus” material to either keep people interested between future books or maybe as potential kickstarter rewards. You’ve given me something to consider. Prequel material.

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