Story completed!

Well, rough draft at least. This is the first full short story after finally realizing, hey, I can write the novel as it comes and focus on all the shorter stories, instead of trying to force the novel out and instead feel like both the novel and myself are dying in the process. It’s just shy of 9k words, and maybe that’ll beef up after the edit — which may happen while we have a house guest but also may not.

Summer is continuing along and I’m doing a ton of non-fiction reading. Right now it’s religious-topic books. The Rule of St. Benedict. Monastery without Walls. How to Be a Monastic and Not Leave You Day Job. Previously it was parts of the Old Testament and starting the Qu’ran. Next might just be Reza Aslan’s new book because his interview clip with FoxNews was just priceless and I may adore this man. I’m starting to itch for fiction, though, and I do have a few books waiting for me on my Kindle, once Beth has finished up her book on it.

I have two stories on deck, and the first one is going to be rather dark and sinister. It’s been a long time since I wrote a dark and sinister story, so this will be fun.


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