Story Published!!

I am woefully not at all on top of publicizing my stuff, it seems. I’m only a few days behind, but! Go check out the Summer Solstice issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! In it you’ll find my story The Bone Boy, as well as Juli D. Revezzo’s Cross-Pollination. I haven’t had the time yet to sit and read most of what’s there, but I will say I’m also especially partial to Poseidon Night by Sandy Hiortdahl.

Even if you aren’t going to check out my contribution, definitely go and check out EHS. It’s a great ‘zine and it deserves support and traffic! Go, go! Git!


2 thoughts on “Story Published!!

  1. Sandy Hiortdahl

    Thank you most sincerely for your kind words about “Poseidon Night.” Loved “The Bone Boy” and read your blog with great interest–am truly flattered. All best wishes for your novel outlining! Sandy

    1. Jolene Post author

      Aw, shucks. I’m glad you enjoyed Bone Boy. I’m grateful for EHS and it’s ability to expose us to others whose work we might not have otherwise found. Thank you for you well wishes. 🙂


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