Things on the WIP continue apace. The pace is somewhat slower than I’d like, but anything slower that sit down and upload story from brain to computer in one sitting is slower than I’d like. The ordering of the story, the big climatic event at the end, keeps changing. Well, there’s this one thing that happens, and originally I thought it was the beginning of the end, and then I thought, no, maybe that’s the catalyst, the midway point, when we realize that, you know, there are repercussions to choices, but with the way that my stories start out half getting it and then, halfway through finally reveal themselves in their full glory, I’m pretty pleased with how things are going.

Posting this mostly for myself today. I’m 7 chapters in, my chapters are roughly 4500-5000 words each. It has the feel of being halfway through the story. More importantly, I have solid bones in place that need to be fleshed out, and this is when it starts to get easier. Most importantly: seven chapters in five months is not nothing. Sure, that’s more than a chapter a month. Sure I’d rather be doing a chapter a week. But my brain keeps telling me that I’m not making any progress on this book, and I’m calling my brain out as the liar that she is. Seven chapters in five months is not nothing, it’s forward motion, it’s progress. yes, I want to cut back on my not-writing periods — because I write a ton and then I don’t touch it for weeks, and I don’t love that, I could get more done if I had shorter non-writing periods, but, at the same time? Seven chapters, five months. So eff you, brain.


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