Monthly Archives: April 2013

Wish granted

This past week has been rainy and chilly, with enough breaks in the rain in the morning to allow for the non-winter morning dog walk. We’ve been happily taking our route around the block, claiming various gardens and trees and rocks. It’s been awesome.

We’ve finished up The Black Jewels trilogy for story-time and are making our way through Frost Burned, the 7th of the Mercy books. Reading from the Kindle is a bit weird, for some reason, for story time, but I’ll get used to it again. I love how much the cats snuggle up for story time, too. Luna, especially, and especially with *these* books. I think she hopes Brother Wolf will make an appearance.

Hit the library over the weekend, and picked up The Lost Gods of England, The Cults of the Greek States Vol 1, and renewed the kingship book I was reading, because it’s interesting when I don’t have something better to read. I’ve got other books to pick from the other library, and then I really need to start reading them. And I still have The Devourer that I keep forgetting I have and want to read. (The downside to having a TBR pile on an e-reader, I suppose)

Finished chapter 2 of the wip’s rough draft, which is awesome. I had skipped, you see. Wrote the first chapter, started chapter two, skipped to the chapter that, in my head, feels like chapter five. I have enough time I want to cover before we get caught up to ‘chapter five’ that I could easily see two more chapters. Time wise we’re talking months between chapter one and chapter five, and it’s a bit . . . weird writing something so character driven. I’m tempted to say that the feel of the story is disjointed. It’s *not*, but the first half is definitely character driven, romancey. Misunderstandings, learning about each other. There are no Big Bad Things until we get further in, and I’m focusing on getting the story out and worrying about finesse and polish after. But it’s hard.

Skipping over Dread Chapter Three until I have enough material to keep going regardless as a great idea, though. I hate Dread Chapter Three. So many novels of mine have crashed into DCT and sank to their watery graves.

I’m not pleased, though, that a whole month has gone by between my last writing bout and today. Pushing my wake up time back is helping fix that, and writing 2500 words in an hour and a half helped, too. I know i’ll get less done during the days I need to work my day job, but weekends are for getting caught up.

I have a beta-reading project I need to get back to, now that my other, more time line sensitive one is finished. Will work that in to the schedule somewhere.

I’ve got my yoga scheduled in, got my writing in for the day, and had a nice walk with the dog, and two cups of tea. Today is good.