Taking Time for What’s Important

Today I’m home from the day job with a somethingsomething foot issue. I suspect that the big toe is sprained. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter: it hurts, it’s swollen, the idea of putting a boot on it makes me want to run screaming. Or, limp screaming. I am trying to take care of me, even when it’s inconvenient, and I’m always trying to battle my crazy-broken-Protestant work ethic that demands that the worse I feel the harder I work to prove my worth. (I told you: broken) So, I called in and I’ll be sitting with foot up, with editing, reading, and possibly some writing of my very own. At the very least I’ll input the scenes that i went looking for in vain the other day, because I have them in a notebook, not on the system.

I am hopelessly scatterbrained when it comes to backing up files appropriately. I finally have all the typed stuff on both computers, but since having purchased the new laptop, I’d been very bad about doing a bit on that, doing a bit on the netbook, and not getting them into one place. It’s a bad, bad habit.

I’m not as productive, material wise, as I was last spring, but I’m happier/it’s less of a fight/I’m keeping on top of the other, also important things, so I call it a success. And new material is coming along. So, how to keep things happy and balanced and not neglected *and* produce a tad more? I suspect more sleep will have to go.

On the upside (sort of) day job is cutting my hours by 5, for the foreseeable future. Not just me, but storewide we’re losing a chunk of hour allowance. So, it could be good for writing. That’s an extra hour a day.

Reading! Currently we are reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley for story-time. This is a reread for me, and Beth’s first time through. As I’ve mentioned before, Sunshine is one of my Perfect Reads books. The writing is superb, the story engaging, the vampire alien and convincingly so. I’m having as much fun reading it aloud . . . I’m even somewhat trying to do voices this time.

I’m also reading through vol 2 of Cults of the Greek States by Lewis Farnell. I picked up vol 2 because I wanted the Kybele/Rhea section, and decided that there was a good chance Poseidon would be mentioned in the Demeter section. This reading is helping me cement the Greek script in my mind, and making me realize again that I am a nerd. Because I’m familiar enough with the script to sound out words even if I don’t know them, and a lot of them I do know on sight, and without any higher than college education I can read books written in a time period when people were reading them were expected to know Greek, Latin, French, and possibly German. Latin is the hardest to pick out the context, but my brain likes the puzzle solving aspects of reading such books. I am a word nerd. I am.

Because I am lucky, I’m also “reading” ‘s sequel to The Artist’s Inheritance. I say “reading” because it’s also work: I’m doing edits. But, I absolutely love this series, and so it doesn’t really feel like work. And no, you can’t read it yet. But you could go and buy the first book and read that! And, furthermore, you should!


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