Pausing long enough in the writing of the project I’m not talking about so that the momentum doesn’t fizzle out to share links to Juli D. Revezzo’s new release: Caitlin’s Book of Shadows: An Antique Magic Addendum. The story is exactly what it says it is, too. You can read the second book without reading this little piece, but really, why would you want to, when the second book isn’t out yet, and this is?

Go here to read more about the story, and to watch the trailer. Or just go here to watch the trailer right now.

And then go here for Kindle or here for Nook and purchase it! (and maybe The Artist’s Inheritance while you’re at it . . . )

(there are no pictures in here. WP changed things up when I was out East last, and I do not like the new format, have not had time to learn the ins and outs, so pictures will wait until I do have such time. I hate change. *shakes fists*


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