Monthly Archives: November 2012

It’s been a month??

Holy crow, it’s been a month since I last posted here. Longer, even, and that post, much as it held awesome links to reviews and such, still wasn’t a huge post either.

We’re midway through November, I’ve got the last of my holiday gift knitting pretty much done (a few ends to weave in), and while some folks are buried deep in NaNo, I’m starting to feel an ache to write again. This is good, it’s great even, but, heh, there’s so much taking up my time between now and Twelfth Night that I’m not sure how much writing will get done. But that’s okay.

This crunch I’ve experienced with my gift-making this year reminded me why I was so happy in 2011 to have started in July. Plan small, be reasonable, and start early. Being organized at least enough for that is crucial to the state of my well-being and happiness going forward. The day job alone gets hectic enough (even when things run smoothly) during Nov-Dec that I really can’t afford to be frazzled at home, too. So, July or sooner for knitted gifts for the holidays. Starting late made me make compromises I didn’t really want to make.

Ah well.

Not to be melancholy, but part of my being quiet and non-writer this year has a large part to do with my grandfather’s passing this summer. This, in turn, has turned me somewhat into a monster, in that I’ve been trying to micromanage my home, and it’s made for some stressful times all around. I’ve reached a point, in the last month or so, of being fed up with trying to pretend I’m okay when I’m not (I do this at work, because I have to, but it stops when I come home, ad it’s not even like I decided I have to be okay, but I just decided that I should be, and that was that) and of being fed up with being reclusive from people I’d rather be open toward. What does a bibliophile do when reaching that point? Turn to books, of course!

Specifically in this case, I discovered Gretchen Rubin‘s Happiness Project, more specifically, her “Happiness at Home” book, which I devoured in a day and absolutely adored. On the one hand, so much of what she shares does not apply to my life, but on the other hand it’s so much about being aware of your own life, knowing yourself (Know Thyself!), your goals, etc., and that obviously can apply to anyone. Hearing about, reading about, people striving for such a thing, regardless of whatever else we have in common, even if that is nothing, is helpful and good. Go check her out.

I also discovered (and read a chapter of, but alas have to wait until I actually buy the book to read more) Rachel Held Evans’ book A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Possibly a weird book for me to enjoy, except, hee, reading about people striving to know themselves and living their lives accordingly, regardless of whatever else we may or may not have in common, is helpful and good. Seeing people exploring ideas that make them uncomfortable at the onset as a means of gaining further insight and understanding is admirable; too often we simply shirk away from that which makes us uncomfortable.