Nina Kiriki Hoffman, The Shining Cities anthology, and other things

Part of my happy distraction this last week has been taking a break from the heavier reading and picking up two books by local-to-me writer Nina Kiriki Hoffman. I’ve read one other of her books, Spirits that Walk in Shadow. This week I read both Thresholds and Meeting, the first two books in her Magic Nextdoor series. Reading these books, I realize all over again that I really, really love her writing. I especially love when the distinction between SF and fantasy is so fluid. I need to find more of her stuff.

In other news, I’m pleased to announce that The Shining Cities: an anthology of pagan science fiction has been released! This is a nice, hefty collection, over three hundred pages, with some pretty amazing stories. Yes, I’m biased: I’ve got a piece in the book, too! But as we all know, being biased doesn’t make one wrong. The cover art for the book is also gorgeous. I haven’t read the whole thing yet — I’m reading it slowly, at home, so as to not bang up my copy, though I’ll likely get a nifty Kindle edition (let’s hear it for publishers putting their stuff on Kindle! I wish more of the Bibliotecha Alexandrina titles were available on Kindle) for ease of reading, and once it’s read, I’ll be tossing up an (unbiased, I swear!) review.

In other, other news, my grandmother is in the hospital, and I’m waiting to hear more.

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Beth!!


5 thoughts on “Nina Kiriki Hoffman, The Shining Cities anthology, and other things

  1. Soli

    Ha ha, I knew you’d be happy reading her! At this point I have read most everything of hers easily available… and several titles which are not so much. What that really mean is I have not read most of her short stories. Someone needs to do with her work like de Lint, and make it more accessible in collections.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I knew I enjoyed Spirit in the Wires (edited to add: lol, that’s not hers! I meant Spirits that Walk in Shadows) but it’s *nothing* compared to how much I love the stuff I’m reading now of her’s. It’s like finding a new author all over again.


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