New Yarn Spam!!

I’m excited to announce that Beth has launched a new line of yarn: Venom Yarns: Fiber with a Bad Attitude! Here’s what she has to say about this new and exciting line:

In contrast to the somewhat more positive spin of my mythologically inspired and plant dyed yarns, Venom Yarns are 100% bad attitude and proud of it, with names like Toxic Kool Aid, Sharkbait, and Rotten Apple. They are handspun by me using only the finest farm-fresh fibers, and their gorgeous color ways are hand dyed using low impact professional acid dyes and the occasionally packet of drink mix–meaning they are NOT toxic to the environment. Come take a bite; you know you want to!

You certainly *do* want to! Beth’s handspun, hand-dyed yarns are wonderful to hold, to snuggle, to claim as your own . . . and believe me, I want to claim them ALL as my own! Her command of color is breath-taking. So, go and take that bite; you won’t be sorry!


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