Plans for today include: knitting, more knitting, a bit of knitting on the side, and maybe some reading. Beth and I are having a hoot listening to my Kindle read Thunderbird Falls while we attend to our fiber crafts. I’m roughly halfway through the blanket I’m working on, and today? Today I turn my first heel and work my gussets. I shall be learning things like picking up stitches, and I’m terrified. But I’m going to do it, damn it all.

Second trip through, I still adore the Walker Papers. But, man oh man does Joanne annoy the *heck* out of me in this book. Too many shades of past me, likely, so I don’t hold it against her.

Up next we’ll be listening to Faye Kellerman’s The Ritual Bath. After that, hopefully we’ll have our hands on the audiobook of Discovery of Witches, back out from the library.

Writing has taken a backseat to Christmas knitting. And mourning-distractions.


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