Love in a Headscarf: a review

Recently, this book was brought to my attention and, thanks to the magic* of the awesomeness that is Eugene Public Library, I was able to borrow and read it. This made me incredibly happy. I loveloveloveLOVE our local library system.

This book was a delight to read. I devoured it on Sunday, during one of my “sit still and don’t move!” recuperation days (yay for back pain!) and it made the day so much faster in its passing. Love in a Headscarf is the memoir of a young woman opting for a traditionally arranged marriage — and the resultant struggles between traditions, an amusing (for us) clash between cultural traditions versus Islamic traditions. Add to that the bonus of a young woman who seeks to live a religiously devout life, seeking a companion for said life, and it becomes even more interesting.

I absolutely love reading stories. Real, fictitious, it doesn’t matter. I love seeing lives I wouldn’t normally get to see and being able to glimpse a bit of the heart of other people. It is odd, to be sure, to be a polytheist devotee of two pagan gods (and a worshipper of yet more gods) to read a book writing by an admittedly monotheistic Muslim, and find so much about her path resonating within me. Odd, and yet, not. It seems to happen to me more and more.

The careful way in which lives are contemplated and arranged — marriage is a commitment and ought not be based on something as ephemeral as lust and passion and “falling in love with” certainly speaks to me, for all that my life is far from “traditional”. This book gives the reader an honest, open, entertaining, and heart-warming glimpse into the life of a young woman seeking her place in the world.

It didn’t hurt that the author is a fellow head-scarf wearer!

If you like legal peeping-tom-ing, you should *totally* check this book out! (Isn’t that what memoirs are for?)


* or the time, donations, and dedication of the Friend of Eugene Library and other volunteers, and the hard work of the employees.


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