Finding new to me authors in unexpected ways

Because we don’t go to the bookstores to browse much anymore, I don’t find new authors unless I go looking for them. I’m not sure that I can recall even picking up his books to take a look at, but these few blog posts of Jim C Hines is changing that. These are hysterical, and I have heaps and *heaps* of respect for a man who will put himself through such arduous photo poses! Go, check them out, but do put down the beverage first.

Wherein he models female-centered fantasy novel covers for us and his one with male poses and they’re both *awesome*. If this sort of sense of humor even superficially touches his writing, I’m gonna enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Finding new to me authors in unexpected ways

  1. Damien Darby

    You’re right, it’s especially hard for us ebook authors to get noticed these days. All we want is to connect with good people like you. Unfortunately, because the market has been flooded and saturated by what basically amounts to digital book content mills, it’s increasingly a challenge. Any guy like the one who did those poses MUST be a good writer. I can’t imagine a personality like his shying away from the page.

    Cheers to you, and happy hunting.


    1. Jolene Post author

      Thanks! Yeah, the poses are pretty hilarious.

      I do adore the changing dynamic of getting product out, but there is certainly more work to be done now to figure out what isn’t going to be awful and/or a waste of time. Which is why I think talking about what one finds is important. Word of mouth can be extremely powerful.


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