I’ve discovered Michelle Sagara

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this yet or not. Considering the amount of posting I’ve been doing (read: it’s not happening) chances are good that I haven’t been. I’ll remedy that.

Originally, Cast in Shadow came to my attention via Amazon.com’s recommendation. Generally, that’s a feature I ignore, and I wonder if I shouldn’t. I discovered the awesomeness of e-book loans via the library. I have since devoured the first three books in this series.

I am trying to pace myself. It’s hard. I rather adore this series. The main character has the sarcastic wit I love so much, similar in feel to such lovable characters like Mercedes Thompson and any of Kelley Armstrong’s heroines . . . only with the added perk of it being a secondary world fantasy series. Kaylin is broken, does not know herself nearly as well as she ought to, is frustrating stubborn . . . and utterly lovable. Her compassion toward people despite her early suffering is awesome to behold . . . even when it’s making me want to strangle her.

I’m not going to review each book — I’m three in, as I’ve said, and I’ve loved all three. So, this is really to boost the series’ signal.

What’s on your summer reading list?


2 thoughts on “I’ve discovered Michelle Sagara

  1. Juli D. Revezzo

    This is another I’ve wanted to try. (aw, come on, please review book one for me?) I want to get back to the next Ilona Andrews book, but right now, I’m trying to finish up a friend’s YA book, and reading a bunch of paranormal investigator related stuff for a WIP I’m working on.


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