Where I’ve been

Not that I’ve been super-posty lately anyway, but this is just an update. Two weeks ago (has it only been that long/it’s already been that long) my grandfather passed away. And, when I say “grandfather” what I really mean is “one of the people responsible for the good in me/one of my last living personal heroes/one of the best men to ever grace the face of the earth/why is this place darker now that he’s gone/holy crap this sucks.”

My earliest memories involve this man reading to me or letting me read to him. Because of he and my grandmother, I was reading by age three. (Or reciting back books they’d read to me; it’s hard to know) Walking around and exploring the neighborhood with him; watching animal antics for *hours*. He was everything that is good in humanity and if I’m able to hold on to that much of what he taught me about living, I’ll be okay.

But I’ll only be okay, because holy crap this sucks.

Once upon a time I used to throw myself into my writing when times like this hit me. These days, I throw myself into my knitting. My self-imposed deadlines are fluid anyway, and it’s not like I don’t have TON of knitting to do before Christmas, so it works.

But holy crap this sucks.

What have you all been up to this summer? How’s the writing going? The projects? The reading?


6 thoughts on “Where I’ve been

  1. Willow Rose

    Sorry for your loss, Jo. Incidentally, I know a bit how you feel–it’s how I felt when my grandpa died. Except I was 13 and didn’t have my writing yet to throw myself into. I didn’t start seriously pursuing that until a few years ago, and I didn’t start writing my stories until about two years after he died. I’m glad you have your knitting!


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