For something different . . .

I am virtually incommunicado this week, between day-job hassles (way too busy now that summer has arrived ohmygodmakeitstop!) and allergy induced migraines and general away from keyboardness, so my workload (must get through editing project!) has slipped back a bit, and writing has not been happening. This may be okay — once the heat of summer is over I’ll be human again. (For here, that’s roughly three weeks to a month, and at night it’s not that bad.) Why yes, every other sentence is a parenthetical. What?

So, for this post, I give you: Beth-related spam! Some cool things happening in Beth’s world right now. First (and the most writerly related) is Beth has a regular blog over at Witches & Pagans’ Pagansquare blog, Threads: Exploring Frigga, Fate, and Fiber, which you should go and check out. You should, in fact, check out the whole Pagansquare blog, because it’s a neat collection of contributors, but you should certainly tell Beth what an awesome title her blog is. Some nameless body or another helped her come up with it. *coughcough*

Secondly, after much consideration, Beth’s decided to close her Wytch of the North Etsy store. As a result, she’s having a sale, to try to move inventory before the 1st of August. So, if there’s something you see, now’s the time to buy!

Thirdly, having attended Black Sheep Gathering and, at said gathering, having gotten to try the Columbine spinning wheel, Beth has found the wheel for her! The wheel is big enough to support the sort of spinning she does; the self-lubricating ball bearings make the wheel fly, the orifice is at a pain-reducing height, and the wheel treadles smoothly. We are saving up for this wheel, but the fact of the matter is, the two wheels Beth currently owns cause her pain to use, and she’d like to get this wheel as fast as possible. To that end, she’s asking for donations. However, there are perks to donating, including free skeins of handspun yarn. So, go check out the items she has for sale, go check out the gorgeous metal wheels, go see if you might want to donate anything to the cause, and go read some pagany reading material! Go on now. Shoo!


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