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Where I’ve been

Not that I’ve been super-posty lately anyway, but this is just an update. Two weeks ago (has it only been that long/it’s already been that long) my grandfather passed away. And, when I say “grandfather” what I really mean is “one of the people responsible for the good in me/one of my last living personal heroes/one of the best men to ever grace the face of the earth/why is this place darker now that he’s gone/holy crap this sucks.”

My earliest memories involve this man reading to me or letting me read to him. Because of he and my grandmother, I was reading by age three. (Or reciting back books they’d read to me; it’s hard to know) Walking around and exploring the neighborhood with him; watching animal antics for *hours*. He was everything that is good in humanity and if I’m able to hold on to that much of what he taught me about living, I’ll be okay.

But I’ll only be okay, because holy crap this sucks.

Once upon a time I used to throw myself into my writing when times like this hit me. These days, I throw myself into my knitting. My self-imposed deadlines are fluid anyway, and it’s not like I don’t have TON of knitting to do before Christmas, so it works.

But holy crap this sucks.

What have you all been up to this summer? How’s the writing going? The projects? The reading?

For something different . . .

I am virtually incommunicado this week, between day-job hassles (way too busy now that summer has arrived ohmygodmakeitstop!) and allergy induced migraines and general away from keyboardness, so my workload (must get through editing project!) has slipped back a bit, and writing has not been happening. This may be okay — once the heat of summer is over I’ll be human again. (For here, that’s roughly three weeks to a month, and at night it’s not that bad.) Why yes, every other sentence is a parenthetical. What?

So, for this post, I give you: Beth-related spam! Some cool things happening in Beth’s world right now. First (and the most writerly related) is Beth has a regular blog over at Witches & Pagans’ Pagansquare blog, Threads: Exploring Frigga, Fate, and Fiber, which you should go and check out. You should, in fact, check out the whole Pagansquare blog, because it’s a neat collection of contributors, but you should certainly tell Beth what an awesome title her blog is. Some nameless body or another helped her come up with it. *coughcough*

Secondly, after much consideration, Beth’s decided to close her Wytch of the North Etsy store. As a result, she’s having a sale, to try to move inventory before the 1st of August. So, if there’s something you see, now’s the time to buy!

Thirdly, having attended Black Sheep Gathering and, at said gathering, having gotten to try the Columbine spinning wheel, Beth has found the wheel for her! The wheel is big enough to support the sort of spinning she does; the self-lubricating ball bearings make the wheel fly, the orifice is at a pain-reducing height, and the wheel treadles smoothly. We are saving up for this wheel, but the fact of the matter is, the two wheels Beth currently owns cause her pain to use, and she’d like to get this wheel as fast as possible. To that end, she’s asking for donations. However, there are perks to donating, including free skeins of handspun yarn. So, go check out the items she has for sale, go check out the gorgeous metal wheels, go see if you might want to donate anything to the cause, and go read some pagany reading material! Go on now. Shoo!

Interview with J.D. Revezzo!

For those of you who are not in the know, I’ve known J.D. Revezzo for . . . um . . longer, at this point, than I’m comfortable saying, actually. I know more about her writing history, having had the opportunity to witness her ups and downs (ah, Traditional publishing, you fickle, fickle bitch) along the way. It’s been maddening for me — moreso for her, I’m sure — because her stuff is damn good. Certainly better than some of the dribble that gets published, so much so that it begins to boggle the mind.

YAY for Indy publishing! Of course, this post isn’t about her upcoming release (that I can’t wait to see out there, never mind that I’ve already gotten to read it; manuscript files don’t count, I want to see that baby finalized and in e-book form, and I want it now!) No, this post is primarily about Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, which I’ve already talked about a couple of posts ago, but which bears repeating, because? The collection is a wonderful assemblage of tales and the cause is just!

Because of our long-standing friendship, I was able to strong-arm er, that is, Juli was kind enough to answer some questions about her writing, her influences, and her contribution to the collection. I’m pleased to share those questions with you! So, without further ado, I give you J.D Revezzo!


You’ve said before, in other places, that Michael Moorcock’s writing is one of your biggest influences. When did you discover his writing?

I discovered him in high school. Mid-8os or so. 😉 At the time, it seemed everyone in my class was reading Elric of Melniboné. Call it peer pressure — or fate —  but I soon fell in love with his work. I may be a wee bit partial, but I think there’s no better author. 😉 Well, excepting my current host, of course.

Aw, shucks. . .

. . . do keep the flattery coming . . .

How did his work influence your writing?

Oh you would start with a hard question? Herm….this one’s going to require some thought. I’d have to say his characterizations, because of Elric. There’s just something about the way he writes Elric that I always strive to capture in my characters. (Minus the “every woman he loves dies” part ;)). Don’t know if I’m always successful, but I do try.

Music plays a big part in your life, too. Do you have play lists for various works? What music were you listening to when you were writing What Sekhmet Keeps?

Oftentimes, yes, I do write to music, at least when I’m first drafting a story. Certain works do have playlists. There are works in progress that have featured music from Heart, Metallica, and Black Sabbath’s “Falling off the Edge of the World” and sometimes classical or Celtic–even steampunk bands. Whatever I feel fits the theme I’m going for. I shouldn’t say the songs are featured so much as I can hear them in certain scenes, and can look at an early manuscript and tell you what song might be suited to a scene or two, almost every time.

What is the most challenging part, for you, as a writer?

There’s a lot to love about creating a world of your own. I’m pretty harsh on myself so I’d have to say the most challenging part, is just getting it right, to my satisfaction. Add critiques into it and things can get pretty interesting.

How did you discover the Dark Things project? Tell us a bit about the charity you’re donating to?

Well, you know, this isn’t the first edition of Dark Things. However, the editor, Patty G. Henderson, mentioned it to me, at the time of the first edition’s release. It was one of those “If I’d known” moments, you know? So when she mentioned she was thinking of doing a second edition I asked her to let me know the details, I worked up “What Sekhmet Keeps” crossed my fingers and hit send. It all worked out in the end.

The charity she’s giving the proceeds to is called Cat House On the Kings and it’s the largest no-kill cat sanctuary in California. If you’re interested it’s available at Amazon and

Aren’t you afraid the cats are going to come and get you? (Some of those stories were dark! Creepy dark!)

Yes, I’ve been eyeing the neighbor’s cat a little warily lately, let me tell you! 😉

Where can we find more of your work?

I’m also published in Eternal Haunted Summer (note: here here part one and part two and here), The Scribing Ibis (another charity anthology), and I’ve several pieces published in Twisted Dreams Magazine. I’m currently working on several other projects, and hope to have something new out available soon-like. I keep a running list of my writings and other going’s-on at my blog or follow me at Good Reads and on Twitter.


What makes me extremely excited in sharing this interview with you is knowing that, in a matter of months, Juli’s new work <i>The Artist’s Inheritance</i> will be released. The artwork for the book is fantastic, the story is fantastic, the whole thing is fantastic! And yes, you’ll be hearing more about that once it’s officially out. Stay tuned!