Writing! YAY!

Updated to provide link to call for submission for SF anthology; it was supposed to be in here the first time. Oops!

I’m sure at this point there are some following along who totally get how exciting that topic is. I’ve been wracking my brain for months, wanting to come up with something to write in order to submit to a pagan SF anthology, The Shining Cities. The deadline is the end of July, and yet nothing was coming, and I’d given up hope — I have a ton of ideas, mind you, but they’re already all slated for something else — and then, yesterday, in the middle of working on the novel WiP, the idea sort of all just crashed together. I wrote the beginning last night, and will work on that exclusively until it’s done, and it shouldn’t take too long because (famous last words) because I already know the whole story. My struggle right now is for making it come across as vividly visually in words the way it is coming across visually for me — which is not the norm.

Still plugging through Lazette’s 2YN books (I’m on the last set) and writing is still fun! I am almost weak with relief, and it’s kinda silly, I know. Why do it if it’s not fun? Because I decided that it’s what I do. Ridiculous, though, yes. I’m not even successful with the writing (or rather, with the marketing) and I’ve already fallen into the “it’s a chore!” trap. Only, it’s getting better.

The novel is being written all out of order, and I’m a tad nervous about that, and a tad excited that I’ll get to play “assemble the puzzle” later. My mind likes finding connections. It may be the new way to write novels, for me. We’ll see.

Still working away on the Poseidon devotional, too.

In cat news, Zerky-bear is on meds for the next 2-4 months for his allergies. He’s also *gaining* weight. We are happy.


9 thoughts on “Writing! YAY!

  1. Willow Rose

    I’ve been going through very similar struggles. For the past month or so I’ve been trying to come up with something to submit to a lesbian anthology and was coming up blank. It had to feature friends who fall in love with one another, which is what was applying the brakes. I have so many ideas for things, and have lived the “fall in love with your best friend” thing and was so baffled by why I couldn’t for the life of me come up with something for this anthology. Then yesterday, while at work an idea FINALLY came to me, and I’ve been working away at it ever since. *is so grateful to her Muse*

    Writing out of order used to be the method I used for all my novels, but I found myself having to go back and write a lot of transitional scenes or smooth things out even more, which I didn’t like having to do. So lately I’ve just been writing from beginning to end.

    Would you mind sharing the pagan SF anthology link?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Edited the post to include the link. Sorry about that 😉 I generally do *much* better if I write and then try to market stuff, but I really enjoy writing pagan-themed stories, and I really do want to write *more* to get more stuff out there.

      I decided at one point that the way I wrote both The Fosterling and Hero of Seers which was chronologically, was the way I Wrote Novels Period. And, it’s worked for them, and it’s worked for all the novella and novel-length dribble I wrote in high school, and it’s usually how I write my short stories and novellas now . . . but, after dithering with Angela’s book for three. effing. years and getting nowhere with it, and after getthing 30k on this one and having the story implode entirely, I have to concede that I might just maybe need to reconsider my approach to novels. So, I am, and it’s fun.

      I may end up liking doing the transitional scenes out of sequence. We’ll see? So far, a lot of what I’m writing in backstory. I stopped keeping word count tallies, because it was taking my focus away from story and putting it on numbers. If I ever get to rely on my work for financial support, then okay. But for now? It’s my way to unwind, and my way to connect with what matters to me, it’s my yoga, and I don’t want to worry about how precisely into the asana I’m in, you know?

      1. Willow Rose

        Totally understand that. I used to keep track of word counts, too, but found it distracting me from the actual story. The only time I worry about them these days is if I’m writing a piece specifically for publication and there’s a target range I need to keep in mind.

        You may enjoy writing the transitional scenes. I did at once, but after awhile I found it tedious. But the out-of-order approach worked for me for quite awhile!

    1. Jolene Post author

      Meep! You know, I think the only file format I have for Hero of Seerers is hardcopy. *whimper* That would be awful . . . .

      1. J.D.

        Oh, hell. Well, that ain’t gonna work then–I mean you *could* sit down and type it all up, but shew…What a chore. (*She says, not looking at the 2that litter a certain old notebook–that she actually did type up at one point!*)

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