Dark Things: Cat Crimes Vol II (book review)

I know I’ve already mentioned enjoying this collection, but I wanted to go a bit more into it, because 1) it’s a great cause; 2) the theme is near and dear to my heart; 3) it’s an indy published work, so more signal boosting is awesome; 4) I’m typing under duress, half-surrounded by felines with lethal claws there are some wonderful stories to be found within.

So, what is Dark Things II: Cat Crimes? It’s a collection of twenty-one feline themed stories, from criminal cats to selfless, adoring cats, to vampire kitties, to shape-shifting cat spirits, to . . well, let’s just say naturally carnivorous kitties, shall we? The stories all range in length, and the end result is a pretty solid book (I believe the print version runs some two hundred and fifty pages) with some pretty solid writing. Nay, some pretty creepy writing, in places. The book is very professionally done (let’s here it for indy publishers who do the work! May I always be a not-lazy indy publisher, too) and the writing is top-notch.

As a cat lover, I can get behind stories told from animal points of view, though I’ll be honest — I was wary at first. I’ve read some great animal fiction, but I’ve also read some terrible animal point of view fiction, and I know it can go either way. But even the light stories in here (if one can call them such, in such a collection) were not overly cutesy and unrealistic. And that’s the rule for me, I guess. Even if we’re dealing with vampire cats or goddess servant feline spirits, I need the catlike beings to be, you know, catlike. And, in these stories, they were.

My favorite stories were, hands down, What Sekhmet Keeps by J.D. Revezzo (and not because I’m biased!); Roscoe and the Succubus by Margaret Phillips (want to read more of her stuff, if anyone knows any more of her work, let me know?); The Boardwalk Cats by Ken Goldman; and Free to a Good Home by Shanna Germain, which creeped the hell out of me, and likely because . . .*looks around at her pride* Well. We won’t go there.

The proceeds from this collection goes to two different cat sanctuaries, one in Florida and one in California. As someone who has rescued cats and knows the plight of strays and feral kitties, I know just how important this is. So, do yourself a favor: buy a great collection of stories and, in doing so, give money to a just cause!

Dark Things II: Cat Crimes is available for Kindle and in print and for ePub at Lulu.com. Go, click, buy, read, and imagine yourself surrounded by the lovely, comforting purring sounds as you read.

Be good. Do as they tell you. Don’t make them pounce. Don’t end up like the brownies:

brownie displacement theory: cat + momentum + freshly out of the oven brownies = bad.


10 thoughts on “Dark Things: Cat Crimes Vol II (book review)

    1. Jolene Post author

      Oooh! Ooooh! *bounce* Dorkily excited now, and no, it is not odd at all to say you’re glad it creeped me out. It was *supposed* to. (Let me just say, in the recent past I had eight cats living with me. I did cat rescue, you know how it goes. We’ve downsized a bunch since then, and it’s good/heartbreaking, but part of why that story creeped me out so much is . . .well. You can imagine?) Anyway, loved it. It was, for me, the most chilling story in the bunch.

      Heh. Now that I have you here, where oh where can we find more of your writing? Following your dot com to commence good-natured stalking. . .

    1. Jolene Post author

      You have a lot of stuff to go find! YAY! I have to be honest — I started looking for other works by other writers in that collection and came up on a lot of nothing (chances are good I gave up too soon?) so I sort of stopped looking. I’m *so* glad you popped on by. YAY! *rubs hands gleefully*

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  2. Juli D. Revezzo

    Shucks, Jo! Thanks for the signal boost. I don’t know how I missed this post, but you rawk. (We’ll have to do something about those lethal kitties. Maybe some more treats are in order? ;))


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