Library trip for the win!

Granted, I’m not sure I’ve ever had a library trip that hasn’t resulted in a happy haul. Be that as it may, thanks to Lazette Gifford putting out her fabulous 2YNovel segments, I am rediscovering how awesome writing and world-building is. Last night I was nodding off while trying to work on backstory building, and it was surreal and awesome and amazing. The WiP that has been wavering back and forth a bit (not like Angela’s story wavers, dear gods I do not have over three years of baggage with the new one, yet) solidified itself with a big THUNK. I keep backing away — it’s intimidating and scary, and there are things that I don’t think I can handle as well as I think they ought to be handled, but the story refuses to give on this matter, and not wanting to write it because I’m intimidated is Not Okay. Not wanting to write it because I don’t believe it is a solid concept, because I don’t believe it’s the best thing for the story, because it’ll make the story worse? Those are reasons to not write it. Because I’m intimidated? Hell, no.

Three book series (possibly two, unsure, but very likely three, it’s just that I don’t know the second book well yet) and the over-arching serial title? Yeah, that hit with a THUNK too. Which, you know, really helped the whole thing solidify, conceptually.

And I can’t wait to see it finished and wonderful, exposed in all its glory.

Because the first book takes place nominally in a coastal town/village along the Oregon coast (hey, the land here has been good to me, I have to pay homage) and I’m thinking somewhere between Newport and Tillamook. To that end, I took out Nehalm Tillamook Tales and Oregon Coastal Access Guide. I’m hoping to incorporate a flavor of Pacific Rim folklore feel (specifically northwest American and a touch of Japanese/Chinese, but we’ll see how it ends up) to this book, too, so we’ll see how that goes. There are a ton of books to be had, between the public library and the University, but for now this’ll do. I also brought home some Joseph Campbell because, at this point, I’m in a nonfiction space, and I haven’t read much of his work. Heh, I also brought home No Idle Hands: The Social History of American Knitting because I am that sort of nerd.

(And for those of you who are also into knitting and fiber: Beth over at Fensalir Fiber is starting up a newsletter, so sign up! You won’t be disappointed. Her stuff is amazing!)

This week, Lazette Gifford and Neil Gaiman are elevated to personal heroes of mine status. Very timely work hitting me at a very timely, erm, time, and I cannot thank either of them enough. (Even if my sleep is suffering because if them both.)


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