Novel-gazing (or, currently reading?)

It’s raining today! Raining!! Yes, I had plans to mow the lawn and go sit outside and read, but who cares? It’s raining!! After a whole two weeks of no rain — you should see me at the the first rain of the wet season! Ha!

In order of importance: Zerky is much improved. Amazing Doctor Bonnie proves to continue to be amazing. He required an extra week on the full dosage of the prednisolone before starting to taper him off, and it was during week two of full dosage that he decided we thought he was a stupid cat, and proceeded to prove to us that he knew there were pills in the pill pockets by eating around them and spitting them back out. *sigh* No amount of our swearing that we already knew he wasn’t a stupid cat could persuade him to eat the pills in the pill pockets. Of course, he still came and demanded his new morning medication routine, and he made his token protests, but he didn’t fight, didn’t run away, at one time couldn’t be arsed to even sit up for the pill . . . while making said token protest. He’s having a difficult time, mentally, now that we’re on the “skip a day, give half a pill, skip a day,” schedule.

Beth attended Camp Pluckifluff a few weeks ago, and we learned that 1) I am thoroughly attached to our Ashford Traditional wheel (mine!MINE!) despite the fact that I don’t spin at all. It’s enough, I think, that I was the first mechanic of the two of us, to figure out what was going wrong when and how to fix it, and the wheel and I bonded. I do not like her not being in the house. 2) Beth was born to spin. She picked up a few tips from Leslie, but mostly the workshop seemed to bolster her conviction that this craft is for her, and renew her already pretty strong excitement about spinning. I absolutely love seeing her love something this much.

I’ve been reading. A lot. Most notably, I’ve read both The Walking Dead and Demon Hunts by C.E. Murphy — books four and five respectively in the Walker Papers. I would not have started to read these books without one coworker coming into work one day and praising the author’s work, so yay for coworkers. C.E. Murphy’s work has quickly joined the ranks with Charles De Lint’s work in terms of go-to books to remind me that the world does not suck, for all that it is dark.

I’ve rediscovered the Dresden Files, and am enjoying them this time around. Why a decade makes a difference, I don’t really know. I also read — nay, devoured — Dark Things II Cat Crimes which, as I mentioned before, is a great anthology of spooky stories — better, the proceeds of the book go to various feline-charities around the country. I was pleasantly surprised by this Indy book — some stories were charming, others spooky, one or two down right dark and twisted, and while my good friend Juli has a tail tale in the collection, it does not mean I’m wrong. This is a great book for any feline lover!

Read, too, a number of books I did not care for, alas.

What about you? What have you been reading?


5 thoughts on “Novel-gazing (or, currently reading?)

  1. Danielle Drury

    I haven’t been reading too much, alas. However since you have been reading a lot, I want to remind you of the Circle series. I really am not convinced by any means that you will enjoy these books, however I’m incredibly intrigued to hear your opinion on them regardless of your level of enjoyment! Lol. Glad the very smart kitty is feeling better. Good vet. Nod.

    1. Jolene Post author

      Ah! I’d forgotten! I was gonna get the audio books and then we’ve gone on to other series with the audio books. Yes ma’am, will read them. Hehe. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Soli

    Been jumping between books a lot, otherwise I’ve been buying them up from used bookstores like mad recently.
    current actual reading is both Witches, Midwives, and Healers, and The Dream of a Common Language.

    1. Jolene Post author

      I hate/love when I go book jumping. It’s so much fun . . . until I feel like I’m getting no reading done at all. Witches, Midwives, and Healers sounds interesting. How are you enjoying it? (okay, the dork that I am, so does ‘The Dream of a Common Language,’ though since I haven’t even looked into that one at all, I’m also a bit, nooo, languages are awesooomeee!! and who knows if that’s even the point? Not me!)

      1. Soli

        WMH is turning out to be a great read. Definitely a sign of its time (early 70s second wave feminism) but also comes with a second edition intro where the authors say “yeah some information proved to be wrong, and some has turned out to be right.” Dream…. is also a product of the same time, via poetry. Still very powerful and amazing use of language.

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