Can we get some life in here?

or, long time no write-y!

And it’s true, too! It’s been a while since I posted — this is your standard “I’m a terrible blogger” catch-up post. Well, and this is about learning what works and what doesn’t work, right? Only, publicly, so others can see, too. Yes?

Mid-to-late April I hopped a plane and went far far away from home to visit loved ones. Aah, New England. Even with the wet season’s appeal tapering off here in the Willamette Valley, I am thoroughly besotted with my home state, but there is something special about returning to a place where all the names are familiar (and I can trust that I’ll say them correctly, despite their improbable and untrustworthy spelling) and architectural designs span centuries, yet complement each other rather than looking out of place. Being near that many loved ones, too, is pretty awesome.

But I wouldn’t be me if, by the end of the trip, I was nearly climbing the walls with the need to see my puppy! (Home is, after all, where the dog is, oh keeper of my heart) At one point during our nightly conversations, Corbie tried to get between Beth and her phone, apparently hearing me on the other end. “Where is she??!?” Ah, the dog.

Returning home, I found Zerky much worse off than he’d been when I left, and we had the Amazing Dr. Bonnie out to see him (seriously, if any of my readers are local, Dr. Bonnie is fabulous, I can’t recommend her more highly. If you can’t trust my word, you must be told that even Her Ladyship approves, and if you can’t trust a Persian, you can’t be trusted, obviously). Allergies, it seems to be, and he’s responding well to medicine (even if he’s finally caught on the pill pocket trick. Luckily, we are well acquainted with the towel-wrap-and-torture pill delivery system, too. After all these years? Beth and I have it down to an art form) and his hair is growing back, and his sores are almost all gone.

And in all this? I’ve been reading up a storm — some books I’ll review, others not — and getting some knitting down and . . . oh. Writing? Um. Heh. Oops. Not so much.

Mother’s Day is almost here, which in retail speak means, for our store anyway, near-Christmas numbers, so, I’ve pretty much been exhausted after work. Between the stress of travelling — because I love people, I do, but that much visiting on top of that much traveling in so short a period totally shuts me down for a week or so afterward — I’ve been, you know. Reading, and knitting, and mostly reading.

Coming soon: Dark Things II: Cat Crimes, a review of this neat collection of dark, twisted feline stories. (Short version — it was good, go buy it!)


3 thoughts on “Can we get some life in here?

    1. Jolene Post author

      Corbie is an awesome doggie! I see your new URL and have fixed the blogroll. For what it’s worth, I love the new name.


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