To celebrate the impending arrival of Fair Game, the new Alpha and Omega book by Patricia Briggs, I decided to inhale reread the series. Because I have a copy of the first story in the series, and a copy of the second book but not the first book, I reread it all out of order. And did. not. care. Patricia Briggs has been one of my favorite writers since before she started writing urban fantasy, so naturally I was beyond pleased when she came out with the Mercedes books, and I’m extremely happy for her that they’re as popular as they are. Furthermore, I enjoy them a lot, too. But, man oh man do I love Anna and Charles. An oddity, because my preference is generally “human and ______” pairings. But, no, oh no, I adore these books. So much so that after I finished reading Alpha and Omega (the first story) I immediately re-re-read it again before moving on to the books.

I desperately want the new book. Now. Instead of now, it will be here by Thursday. I can wait.

To help me wait, I bought Queen of Shadows by Dianne Sylvan. I haven’t cracked it open yet — it’s my carrot for getting through some edits (almost done!) and a novella that I agreed (and want!) to review. I am beyond excited to learn of this series and cannot wait (well, can wait, and am waiting, but am still bouncing around like a five year old before Christmas) to read it.

And then I have the next Elemental Masters book to read. Never mind the two nonfiction books I have. And the writing. But I have tomorrow to spend the day curled up with writing (and floor washing, but our place is tiny, that’ll take 20 minutes, max!) and the dog and the cats.

I’m also sort of numb-with-shock when I think about packing for my trip East. With my Kindle, I will now have room for other stuff in my traveling backpack besides books. All those books! One small space! It’s magic!


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