And it goes . . .

March has been dismal so far for regular progress. Well, March and half of February if we’re being honest, migraines notwithstanding. Upon reflection, I’ve realized that while I’ve allowed myself some big leeway, word count wise for tracking weekly progress (300 – 1500 words a day, 4-5 days a week) I’ve re-aligned my “acceptable word count numbers” back to 1k a day, and anything less is unacceptable, and so why even bother?

Now, I understand that these self-sabotage methods are insidious and tricky and annoying as all get out. I’m conversant with mindfulness and the need to be vigilant. And still it sneaks in and settles in to make it look as though it’s always been there, and suddenly half a month is gone and my interest in the novel lags.

Until I sit down, bust out a whole chapter, and get the rhythm back. The story is not going where I expected it to go, but I rather love it, and I can’t wait to get up in the morning and work on it some more.

Today I ordered Barefoot on Holy Ground and Patricia Brigg’s new Alpha and Omega story. I may trot out the other books in that series and do a re-read. I went back and forth: paper or Kindle? But, for these? Paper. Patricia Brigg’s is one of my favorites, after all. Even if I do miss her secondary world fantasy novels. *sigh* What can you do?


7 thoughts on “And it goes . . .

  1. Soli

    and anything less is unacceptable, and so why even bother?

    hey that sounds familiar. er, like why I wasn’t always a good student in my schooling. damned Leo perfectionism.

    Oh I really am looking forward to hearing about Barefoot.

  2. Jolene Post author

    See, I know that I’m in some of the best company with the way my brain catches me up there, so at least there’s that!

    Barefoot certainly looks intriguing and possibly like something I could use right about now, so, this is good. I’ll even crack it open, once I get through the new Alpha and Omega book. Which will take about a day, knowing me.

    1. Soli

      *laughs* I wonder how good my company is in this respect, but I can live with that.

      Right now I am reading the latest Anne Bishop book, and after that divine into stuff from the library. Starting with Grant Morrison. ā¤ Also, I finally caved after six months of periodic poking, nudges, and odd coincidences and got Karl Kerenyi's Hermes book. Gods help me. šŸ˜‰

      1. Jolene Post author

        *perks up* There’s a new Anne Bishop? And I still need to get caught up on the Carol Berg Spirit-Lense books, but I need to reread the first. And and and!

        Let me know how you like the Hermes book? That’s one of his I haven’t read yet.

    2. Soli

      There is, in the Ephemera series, called Bridge of Dreams. It’s focused on Lee. Oh, and there is also an ebook novella prequel. I reread Sebastian and Belladonna before getting the book, because I’d only read them once when they first came out. Wanted to remind myself of more of the story. She’s also created one of the most unique characters in this one.

      Going to read the Hermes book this week (I think I kinda have to, might help with some of my running issues.)

      1. Jolene Post author

        I went from here right to her page to check it out. šŸ™‚ I didn’t love the Ephemera novels, so I’ll likely wait for this to hit paperback, but it does look interesting enough to check out. I like her writing enough to read it despite not loving the series. Can’t really be held accountable. She can’t really put Lucivar in *all* her books, after all.

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