So, we have cats, revisited.

To refresh your memory:

This is what it looks like when our dainty kitty jumps across the counter onto the freshly baked brownies (happily protected from direct contact by a tea towel)

This, however:

is what happens when you add 5-7 pounds to that leaping cat. And then, of course, there’s the crashbangbom! as he scampers away, because I’m sure he didn’t expect the counter to be smooshy and hot.

He’s lucky it was a box mix, is all I’m saying.


2 thoughts on “So, we have cats, revisited.

  1. Lyra Rose

    I could help but giggle at the cuteness of the paw prints in the first picture, but oh my that second one! Yeeeea my cats like to do that same thing–sample the goodies I make and then cause all sorts of racket as they try to run away before they are discovered. XD

    But mmm brownies sound good. I think I’m going to have to make some tonight…

    1. Jolene Post author

      Our latest batch sat perched precariously atop one of the dye pots that lives on the stove top while it cooled. We wondered: were we setting up a staging ground for a literal catapult? Happily, they didn’t even notice them this time.

      We are currently enamored with Ghiraridelli’s box mix. It has just the right amount of saltiness.


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